Mr Jim Hogan

B.Sc (App. Maths,Physics),COP(Meterorology)


Alan Hugh (Jim) Hogan is a facilitator in Mathematics and Statistics working in the Secondary Student Achievement Contract with Team Solutions, Faculty of Education, UoA. This role includes:- 

- coordinating the INDEPTH work is three schools in the Central North region,

- collaborating for provision of PLD requirements in these schools,

- co-ordinating and developing an Inquiry Cluster in Statistics in BOP, 

- collaborating with development and presentation of National Mathematics and Staistics Workshops for Middle Leaders of this Learning Area. 

- writing regional and collaborating with writing National Newsletters

- supporting the development and maintenance of REGIONAL Mathematics Clusters and Associations

- supporting the National Mathematics Associations

- writing resource material to support the development of mathematics, assessment and PLD situations.

Jim has taught in several mid sized secondary schools, 1979 to 2001, 2011, in the areas of mathematics, science, physics, computing and has also been a Dean, HOD, SLT. His teaching career began as a Year 7 teacher in 1978 after three years as a Weather Forecaster at Kelburn in 1975. Jim trained as a primary teacher and he has an emphasis on relationships, experiencial learning, understanding of key ideas and problem solving. Being a teacher was a goal from a young age. 

In 2001 Jim became a facilitator in the introduction of the new NCEA and this work lead to becoming a Mathematics Advisor with Waikato School Support Services during 2002 to 2010. In this time the NZ Numeracy Project developed to include the Secondary NP (SNP) and Jim was a regional co-ordinator of this project and for two years a National Co-ordinator of Resources. This period included developing many workshops across NZ and sharing this expertise with colleagues in Conferences in Australia. Work with Team Solutions and SSA began in 2012 after a year in a small Maori Area school.

A lot of the resources developed, learnings and experiences are recorded on Jim's website This is maintained to the present and is a perpetual development. 

Other interests include walking, fishing, canoeing, oneology, farming, golf and astononomy. Jim has two children and several grandchildren.


Research | Current

Learning relationships, multiplicative thinking, proportional thinking, deep understanding.

Teaching | Current

Secondary Education. Intermediate Mathematics and Science. Technology. 

Primary 1978 - 1979

Secondary 1979 to 2001, 2011

Advisor of Mathemaltics 2002 to 2010

Facilitator with SSA 2012 to present.

Postgraduate supervision

Currently completing a Post Grad Diploma in Mathematics Education


Co-ordinating Facilitator Central North Seconday Student Achievement Project 2016

Areas of expertise

Mathematics and Statistics, Teaching as Inquiry, Assessment Practice, NCEA, Numeracy, NZNP, SNP, NZAMT, BOPMA, data

Contact details

Alternative contact

029 7705 994

Office hours

Usually 8:30am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. Reap Central, Taupo.

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