Professor Julie Cassidy

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) 1987, University of Adelaide, Doctor of Philosophy 1993, Bond University


Julie Cassidy has been a Law Professor at AUT, an Associate-Professor in the School of Law at Deakin University. She was a foundation staff member at Bond University (1989-1992) and a member of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Law, University of Adelaide (1987-1989). During her time at Deakin University she held many senior roles including Co-convenor of the ‘sLaw and Justice – International Perspectives’ Research Cluster, Director of Research, Associate Head of School (Research), Teaching Excellence Co-ordinator and Fellow of Deakin University’s Teaching Leaders’ Forum. Julie has been teaching law since 1987 and has pioneered the teaching of practical legal skills through experiential learning.

Law career

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) 1987, University of Adelaide
Honours Thesis: The Conquered Continent   
Doctor of Philosophy 1993, Bond University
Doctorate Thesis: Customary International Law's Protection of Aboriginal Title in Post-Colonial Nations    Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria
Barrister of the Supreme Court of Queensland
Barrister of the High Court of Australia

Research | Current

Professor Cassidy is currently working on issues relating to the new 'Brightline' tax measures. She is also researching in the area of GST anti-avoidance measures. Another area in which she is actively researching is the courts approaches to the reception of international law, particularly human rights norms, in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Selected publications and conference presentations

Cassidy, J., “The International Tax Implications of New Zealand Taxation of Real Property Owned by Non-residents (Offshore-Persons)” submitted to New Zealand Law Review Review

Cassidy, J., “GAAR (anti-avoidance) v GAAR (anti-abuse)” submitted to British Tax Review 

Cassidy, J. “The New Zealand Taxation of Real Property Owned by Non-residents” Taxing non-residents: A global response to BEPS conference, The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, 15 July 2016

Cassidy, J., “Tax Law” in Russell, R., and Barber, M. (eds), The Supreme Court of New Zealand 2004-2013, Thomson Reuters, 2015

Cassidy, J. and Cheng, A. “Individual Income Tax Reform” 2015 International Conference of Chinese Tax and Policy, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China, 12 December 2015

Cassidy, J., “Wake up New Zealand: Directors’ Duties Reform Responses to the GFC” (2014) 20(3) NZBLQ 181 (18 pages)

Cassidy, J. 2013, Corporations Law: Text, Materials and Essential Cases, (4th ed) Federation Press, Sydney (438 pages)

Teaching | Current

Taxation (COMLAW 301)

Business Structures for Enterprise (COMLAW 304)

Company Law (COMLAW 203)

Advanced Taxation (COMLAW 311)

Tax Base (COMLAW 740)

Tax Avoidance (COMLAW 749)


Deputy Head of Department

Director of Research

Areas of expertise

Anti-tax avoidance

Capital gains tax

Directors' duties

Indigenous rights

Human rights

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Department of Commercial Law

Director of Research, Research Committee (2016)

Postgraduate Committee (2016)

Deputy Director of MTax (2016)



Research Committee (2016)

Faculty Staffing Committee (2016)

Faculty Board (2016)



Senate (2016)

Co-director, NZ Centre for Law and Business

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). Indigenous land rights in Australia: The perpetuation of a convenient falsehood. KU Leuven Faculty of Law. 6 October - 6 October 2017.
  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). The racially discriminatory treatment of indigenous people in Australia. Grote Vergaderzaal of College De Valk, Tiensestraat 41, 3000 Leuven.
  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). A history of the failure of indigenous policy in Australia. Paper presented at A public lecture by Professor Julie Cassidy, Commercial Law, Auckland, NZ. 18 July - 18 July 2017. Related URL.
  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). "All cards on the table" or "Taxpayer burnout". Paper presented at Australasian Law Teachers Association 2017 Annual Conference, Adelaide, Australia. 5 July - 8 July 2017. Related URL.
  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). Superfluous or superlative: The role of reckless/insolvent trading prohibitions in New Zealand and Australian directors' duties regime. Paper presented at Australasian Law Teachers Association 2017 Annual Conference, Adelaide, Australia. 5 July - 8 July 2017. Related URL.
  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). “Frankenstein Incorporated” v Social Citizen. The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability in New Zealand Corporate Governance. Paper presented at Corporate Sustainability and the Long Term Interests of the Company, Old Government House, University of Auckland. 1 June - 2 June 2017.
  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). The international tax implications of New Zealand taxation of real property owned by non-residents (offshore persons). New Zealand Law Review, June 2017 (2), 235-255.
  • Cassidy, J. A. (2017). A GST with GRRRRRR: Legislative responses to GST tax avoidance in Australia and New Zealand. Paper presented at Australasian Tax Teachers Association Conference 2017, The Copthorne Hotel and Resort, Solway Park, Masterton. 18 January - 20 January 2017. Related URL.