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1. The synthesis and properties of 1,​2-​syndiotactic polybutadiene

By: Tikhomirova, I. N.; Avzalova, A. R.; Kazakov, Yu. M.; Aksenov, V. I.; Galibeev, S. S.; Vol'fson, S. I.

The 1,​2-​syndiotactic polybutadiene was produced over cobalt catalyst system.  The influence of addn. of the 1,​2-​syndiotactic polybutadiene on phys. and mech. and service properties of rubber compds. and vulcanizates based on 1,​4-​cis-​polybutadiene (Buna CB-​24) were investigated.  Addn. of 1,​2-​syndiotactic polybutadiene improves strength characteristics and durability of compns. which can result in prodn. of tires with high traction on wet and icy roads.


2. Method and improved activity catalyst for production of cis-​1,​4-​(co)​polymers of conjugated dienes for tire and rubber industries.

By: Tikhomirova, I. N.; Kochnev, A. I.; Fomenkova, K. P.; Avzalova, A. R.; Aksenov, V. I.

Assignee: OAO SIBUR KHOLDING, Russia

The invention presents a method for prepg. cis-​1,​4-​(co)​polymers of conjugated dienes useful in prodn. of synthetic rubber for tire and rubber industries.  The method is polymn. of conjugated dienes or their blends in hydrocarbon solvent in presence of mol. wt. (MW) regulator and catalytic complex, consisting of neodymium compd., halogen-​free aluminum-​org. compd., conjugated diene, necessary for formation of catalytic complex, and halogen source, where catalytic complex is prepd. in hydrocarbon solvent by interaction of neodymium compd. with conjugated diene, necessary for catalytic complex formation, with further fractional addn. of halogen-​free aluminum-​org. compd. with further supply of halogen source, with halogen-​free aluminum-​org. compd. selected from trialkylaluminium, dialkylaluminium hydride, alkylalumoxane.  This method allows to reduce polymn. reaction duration as well as consumption of catalyst system components due to increase of catalyst activity.

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