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Andrew (Anaru) Erueti

Andrew is from Nga Ruahinerangi and Ngati Ruanui (Taranaki) and Ati Hau Nui A Paparangi (Wanganui).

Andrew’s primary area of research is indigenous customary law and legal pluralism, the human rights of children in institutional care, and indigenous peoples’ human rights. In 2019, he will teach the Executive section of the Public Law course and assist with the human rights clinic.

He is editor of the book, 'International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa NZ' (Victoria University Press, 2017) and his book 'International Indigenous Rights: A Pluralist Approach to Implementation' will be published by Oxford University Press in 2019. His current writing projects include: the human rights of children in care; interpreting the Treaty of Waitangi; and the drafting of human rights codes that recognise indigenous law.   

Andrew has typically combined his academic work with advocacy for the rights of Indigenous peoples at the domestic and international levels. From 2007 - 2013 he was Amnesty International's adviser on Indigenous rights in its head office London and then the UN-office in Geneva. He has advised Maori and indigenous peoples on claims to the Waitangi tribunal and human rights treaty bodies, including the UN CERD Committee and UN Human Rights Committee. From 2018 – 2023 he is a commissioner on the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions.

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