Dr Anna Cordelia Hood

BA/LLB (hons) University of Melbourne; LLM (International Legal Studies) New York University; PhD (International Law) University of Melbourne

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Senior Lecturer


Anna is a public international lawyer. She has a BA/LLB (hons) from the University of Melbourne, an LLM (International Legal Studies) from NYU and a PhD from the University of Melbourne. 

Anna's work focuses primarily on disarmament law, refugee law and issues concering New Zealand and international law. She also has a keen interest in legal education and the role of universities in the 21st century. 

Prior to joining the Auckland Law School in mid-2015, Anna was on the faculty at Melbourne Law School. She has also worked in litigation in Australia, and for NGOs in the United States and Uganda.

Research | Current

Anna's work currently focuses on disarmament and international law, New Zealand and international law, and international refugee law. Methodologically she draws primarily on critical and historical international legal approaches.

Disarmament and International Law

Anna has a has been awarded a three year Marsden Fast Start Grant by the Royal Society of New Zealand to undertake a project on Coercive Disarmament in International Law 1919-2019.

In 2020, the book Disarmament Law which Anna has co-edited with Associate Professor Treasa Dunworth will be published by Routledge. The book brings together some of the leading international lawyers working on disarmament law and addresses an array of contemporary disarmament law issues.

In addition to her current projects, Anna has a developed a strong body of work on international nuclear law matters. The work includes critical, historical and doctrinal approaches to nuclear issues. Key publications include:

- ‘New Zealand and International Nuclear Law’ in An Hertogen and Anna Hood (eds) International Law in Aotearoa/New Zealand (Thomson Reuters, forthcoming 2021).

-  ‘Questioning International Nuclear Weapons Law as a Field of Resistance’ in Jonathan Black-Branch and Dieter Fleck eds, Nuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law (Springer, 2020).

- ‘Can Australia Join the Nuclear Ban Treaty Without Undermining ANZUS?Melbourne University Law Review (2020) 44(1) with Monique Cormier

-  ‘Nuclear Weapons Law and the Cold War and Post Cold War Worlds: A Story of Co-Production’ in Matt Craven, Sundhya Pahuja and Gerry Simpson (eds) International Law and the Cold War (Cambridge University Press, 2019) 98-116.

- ‘Nuclear Humanitarianism’ Journal of Conflict and Security Law (2019) (with Madelaine Chiam)

-  ‘Australia's reliance on US extended nuclear deterrence and international lawJournal of International Law and International Relations (2017) 13(2) (with Monique Cormier)

New Zealand International Law

Anna is currently working on an edited book on International Law in Aotearoa New Zealand with Dr An Hertogen. The goal of the edited volume is to introduce international law from a New Zealand perspective. The focus is on evaluating how international law shapes New Zealand and works with(in) its legal system, as well as on New Zealand’s interaction with, contribution to, and attitude towards international law. The project is supported by a grant from the University of Auckland and funding from the Australian New Zealand Society of International Law.

The book has eighteen contributors covering a broad array of topics. Anna’s is writing three chapters for the book on:

- Aotearoa New Zealand as a State: this chapter challenges traditional understandings of New Zealand’s statehood, te Tiriti and New Zealand’s Pacific Empire

- Aotearoa New Zealand and International Nuclear Law: this chapter critically analyses New Zealand’s international legal actions around nuclear weapons including both its participation in testing in the Pacific in the 1950s and 1960s as well as its anti-nuclear efforts

- Aotearoa New Zealand and International Law in the Region: this chapter discusses and evaluates New Zealand’s international legal involvement in the region with a particular focus on the Pacific.

International Refugee Law

Anna has a long term interest in international refugee law. Prior to beginning her academic career she worked in the sector and she currently teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on refugee law. Her current research in this area is a chapter for the Oxford Handbook on International Refugee Law with Professor Michelle Foster entitled ‘Regional Refugee Regimes: Oceania’.

Legal Education and Universities

Anna has a strong interest in the role and purpose of legal education in the 21st century as well as the function and governance of universities. In 2018, she published a piece entitled 'Considering the Future of Legal Education in New Zealand' in the New Zealand Universities Law Review which challenged current thinking and research on the purpose of legal education. 

PhD on the Security Council’s Legislative Phase and the Rise of Emergency International Law-Making

Anna’s PhD was entitled The Security Council’s Legislative Phase and the Rise of Emergency International Law-Making. It analysed the development of the UN Security Council’s legislative practice and argued that it could be understood as a form of emergency international law-making that is analogous to forms of executive emergency law-making that are found in domestic jurisdictions in times of crisis. Understanding the Council’s legislative activity in this way enabled Anna to apply emergency law theories to the phenomenon to deepen our understanding of it.

Key ideas from the thesis were published in:

- ‘The United Nations Security Council’s legislative phase and the rise of emergency international law-making’ in Kim Rubenstein and Hitoshi Nasu (eds) Legal Perspectives on Security Institutions (Cambridge University Press, 2015).



Teaching | Current

Anna has a passion for teaching and has taught a wide variety of subjects across both domestic and international law. In 2019, she was awarded an Early Career Teaching Excellence Award by the University of Auckland. Additionally she received the law faculty's Early Career Teaching Excellence Award and the faculty's student choice teaching award. 

In 2020, Anna is the Course Director for Law and Society.

Areas of expertise

Public International Law

International Law and Security Issues

International Law and Disarmament

International Organisations

United Nations Security Council

New Zealand Immigration and Refugee Law

Committees/Professional groups/Services


Vice President Australia New Zealand Society of International Law

Co-Director of Lex Specialis International Law Consulting 


University of Auckland Senate

Students from Refugee Backgrounds Working Group (Equity)

UTAS Working Group (Equity)


Associate Dean International 

Faculty Member for Women Law Students

Faculty Member for Students from Refugee Backgrounds

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Hood, A. C. (2020). Questioning International Nuclear Weapons Law as a Field of Resistance. In D. Fleck, J. Black-Branch (Eds.) Nuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law. Asser Press. 10.1007/978-94-6265-347-4_2
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/47720
  • Hood, A., & Cormier, M. (2020). Can Australia Join the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty without Undermining ANZUS?. Melbourne University Law Review, 44 (1) Related URL.
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  • Hood, A. (2018). Considering the Future of Legal Education in New Zealand Reflections on the Article “Employer Perceptions of the Work Readiness of New Zealand Law Graduates: What More Can Law Schools Do?”. New Zealand Universities Law Review, 28 (1), 85-101. Related URL.
  • Hood, A. (2018). Reflections on the perpetual cycle of Discrimination, harassment and assault suffered by New Zealand's women lawyers and how to break it after 122 years [Book Review]. New Zealand Women's Law Journal, 2018, 249-264. Related URL.
  • Cormier, M., & Hood, A. (2017). Australia's reliance on US extended nuclear deterrence and international law. Journal of International Law and International Relations, 13 (2), 3-47.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/35732
  • Hood, A. C. (2015). The United Nations Security Council’s legislative phase and the rise of emergency international law-making. In K. Rubenstein, H. Nasu (Eds.) Legal perspectives on security institutions (pp. 141-166). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 10.1017/CBO9781316212677.009


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