Mrs Andrea Piters

Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Diploma in the Education of Students with Special Teaching Needs, Diploma of Teaching (Primary)


Andrea is a Literacy Facilitator in schools throughout the lower North Island, with a dual focus on accelerating student achievement, and building greater teacher, leader, and school capability to analyse needs and respond effectively. During her career, Andrea has had many varied roles in teaching – classroom teacher, special education teacher, and reading recovery teacher. She has also been an on-line lecturer in English for the Graduate Diploma of Teaching students, and taught the Bachelor Upgrade course on-line at Victoria University of Wellington.

Her deep knowledge of literacy, and expertise in the writing process, enables Andrea to guide schools through inquiry, building strong literacy connections across the curriculum based on current theory and evidence. Andrea is passionate about children’s voices being heard through their writing and creating energy to make children’s writing come alive!

In her role as mentor for teachers and schools in Programmes for Students: Accelerated Learning in Literacy, Andrea has worked with groups of teachers and leaders in many different schools with a focus on raising the achievement of students in both reading and writing. Andrea’s role has been to observe and help teachers analyse their teaching practice and data, build pedagogical content knowledge, and to identify practices that are effective in accelerating student learning to inform whole-school decisions and practices.