Mr Alireza Tavakolinejad

BSc. Islamic Azad University of Najafabad (IAUN),Esfahan . MSc. Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, Tehran.

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Alireza obtained his bachelor in mechanical engineering from IAUNand then continued his study in Biomedical engineering (Bioelectric) at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science,

Alireza's master thesis was on the effect of hypergravity as a mechanical stimulus on the adipose-derived stem cells by investigating morphological and mechanical property alteration under hypergravity exposure. Alireza commenced his Doctorate in Bioengineering at Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) in 2016.

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Cell Culture Model of Water and Ion Transport across the Alveolar Epithelium

Accumulation of fluid in the extravascular part of the lung is known as pulmonary edema, a life-threatening condition caused by some common lung diseases such as acute lung injury (ALI) or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Since getting rid of this fluid accumulation is substantial in order to retrieval from ALI and ARDS, various medical and clinical trials of drug therapy have been performed to speed up this fluid reabsorption which were not prosperous. It is partially due to the incompleteness of our knowledge about the direction and rate of the alveolar fluid transport. One of the aims of this project is to compare the phenotypic and functional properties of existing distal pulmonary epithelial cell line NCI-H441 with primary alveolar epithelial cells to determine its suitability as a model for the alveolar epithelium. The other aim is to mimic the alveolar condition on a microfluidic device and measure water and ion transport rate and direction across alveolar cells under normal and disease conditions

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  • Tavakolinejad, A., Rabbani, M., & Janmaleki, M. (2015). Effects of hypergravity on adipose-derived stem cell morphology, mechanical property and proliferation. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 464 (2), 473-479. 10.1016/j.bbrc.2015.06.160


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