Mr Ayrton Hamilton

BSc (Geology and Environmental Science), MSc (geology)

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy

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My PhD is evaluating the link between siliceous sinters and mineralisation at depth. Siliceous sinters are surface expressions of epithermal systems, where fluids derived from deep reservoirs with temperatures >175°C are discharged at the Earth’s surface. These fluids cool below 100°C, precipitating non-crystalline opal-A (silica) on biotic and abiotic surfaces to form erosion resistant, sinter mounds and sheet deposits, meters to tens of meters thick (e.g. Waiotapu, Rotorua, and Orakei Korako) that preserves environmentally significant textures of the hot springs, from the vent, and down spring-discharge channels to the distal apron, cooling to ambient marsh conditions. Sinters are closely linked to epithermal mineralisation, where epithermal deposits form at depths less than 1km from the surface and geothermal fluids boiling to form ore deposits. By analysing the textures, mineralogy and geochemistry of fossilised sinter deposit the paleo environment and paleo hydrology of the geothermal system can be evaluated

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Professor Kathleen Campbell

Dr Julie Rowland

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