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Dean of Graduate Studies

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Research interests: New Zealand social and cultural history, with a special focus on the history of gender relations; Australasian history; history of leisure; history of the body.

Associate Professor Daley is currently working on a piece to be entitled Beauty Queens and Physique Kings. This will be a book-length study of twentieth-century New Zealand society, viewed through the lens of beauties and bodies.


Teaching | Current

Postgraduate supervision

Current supervision

Doctoral theses:

Lucy Mackintosh, 'Place-making in Auckland: the construction and negotiation of meaning in historic landscapes'

Recent supervision

  • Genevieve de Pont, 'Tourists Like Ourselves': New Zealanders' International Travel Diaries and their Journeys, 1919-1963, PhD thesis, 2014.
  • Jonathan Burgess, 'Illustrious Visitors in New Zealand 1880s-1930s', MA thesis, 2014.
  • Tiopira McDowell, 'Te ana o te raiona: Maori Political Movements and the Maori Seats in Parliament, 1867-2008', PhD thesis, 2013.
  • Peter Hoar, 'Hearing the World: Audio Technologies and Listening in New Zealand, 1879-1939', PhD thesis, 2012.
  • Helen Laurenson, Myths and the City: A Social and Cultural History of Auckland, 1890-1990', PhD thesis, 2010.
  • Clare Slako, 'To Educate and Entertain: Circuit Chautauqua in Early Interwar New Zealand, 1919-1924', MA thesis, 2011.
  • Kate Jordan, 'Golden Weather Gardening: New Zealand Home Sections, 1945-1970', MA thesis, 2010.
  • Marianne Schultz, "From the Haka to Dancing with the Stars: New Zealand Men Dancing, 1905-2005", MLitt thesis, 2009
  • Charlotte Burgess, "Youthful Romance and Sex in Interwar New Zealand", MA thesis, 2008.
  • Toby Powell, "Historical Destiny? Christian Fundamentalism in New Zealand", 1970-2000, MA thesis, 2008.
  • Perrin Rowland, "Entrée: A History of the Restaurant in New Zealand From the 1860s to the 1960s", MA thesis, 2008.
  • Courtney Evans, "'Not Aunt Daisy': Ambivalence in the Representation of Womanhood in Postwar New Zealand", MA thesis, 2005.
  • Timothy Frank, "'About Our Fathers' Business': Manhood and Masculinity in New Zealand", PhD thesis, 2004.
  • Toby Harper, "Keeping the Faith: Religious Belief in 1920s New Zealand", MA thesis, 2006.
  • Nina Herriman, "The Air Down Here: Global and Local Interpretations of New Zealand Popular Music, 1955 - 1977", MA thesis, 2004.
  • Emma Joyce, "The Pursuit of Sun, Sand and Surf: Beach-going in New Zealand, 1910-1970", MA thesis, 2006.
  • Jacob Pollock, "From Colony to Culture: Historiographical Discourse and Historical Identity in Aotearoa New Zealand, 1883-2003", MA thesis, 2005.
  • Helen Alexandra Robinson, "Meat Eating in New Zealand, 1945-2005: A Socio-Cultural History", MA thesis, 2005.
  • Perrin Rowland, "A History of the Restaurant in New Zealand", MA thesis, 2008.
  • Bronwyn Wright, "Exhibiting Pakeha Social History at the Auckland Museum", MA thesis, 2006.



Dean of Graduate Studies

Areas of expertise

New Zealand social history; New Zealand cultural history; the history of the body; gender history; the history of leisure; New Zealand history

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Chair, Board of Graduate Studies

Member, University Budget Committee

Member, Research Committee

Member, Academic Programmes Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Daley, C. (2012). Taking off the Black Singlet. New Zealand Journal of History, 46 (2), 113-128. Related URL.
  • Daley, C. (2009). Modernity, Consumption and Leisure. In Giselle Byrnes (Ed.) The New Oxford History of New Zealand (pp. 423-445). South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
  • Martin, S. K., Daley, C., & Dimock, E. (2009). Women and Empire, 1750-1939. London: Routledge.
  • Daley, C. (2005). From bush to beach: nudism in Australasia. JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY, 31 (1), 149-167. 10.1016/j.jhg.2004.03.020
  • Daley, C. (2003). Leisure and Pleasure: Reshaping and Revealing the New Zealand Body 1900–1960. Auckland, N.Z.: Auckland University Press. Pages: 308. Related URL.
  • Daley, C. (2002). The strongman of eugenics, Eugen Sandow. Australian Historical Studies, 33 (120), 233-248. 10.1080/10314610208596217
  • Daley, C. (1999). Girls & Women, Men & Boys: Gender in Taradale 1886-1930. Auckland: Auckland University Press. Pages: 216.
  • Daley, C., & Montgomerie, D. (Eds.) (1999). The gendered Kiwi. Auckland, N.Z.: Auckland University Press.


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