Miss Shuangshuang Chen

Aug 2014 to Now: PhD student studying in Applied Linguistics at Faculty of Arts, University of Auckland Sep 2010 –Jun 2013: Master of Arts, majored in Modern Chinese Grammar at College of Humanities, Jilin University, China Sep 2006 – Jun 2010: Bachelor of Arts, majored in Chinese literature and Linguistics at College of Humanities, Jilin University, China

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Shuangshuang Chen is doing her PhD in Applied Language Studies Linguistics. Her research topic is Null subjects in Chinese, which aims to analyze null subjects in Chinese systematically, exploring their properties, distribution, licensing conditions and identification both at the sentence level and the discourse level.

Research | Current

26th March, 2015: “The classification of Null Subjects in Chinese”, oral presentation at 2015 International Conference on Language Form and Function(ICLFF)
30th October, 2015: “Null subjects in Chinese sentence patterns”, oral presentation at 2015 CLL PG Symposium, the University of Auckland
29th November,2015 “Null subjects in Chinese”, oral presentation 2015 Linguistic Society of New Zealand Conference
30th October, 2016: “Null subjects in Chinese narrative discourse”, oral presentation 2016 CLL PG Symposium, the University of Auckland
Sep, 2016-Sep, 2017, editor of grammar points for Chinese textbooks for Massey University.
24th August, 2017, “The overview of Modern Chinese Grammar and Research”, lecture at Master Chinese class, the University of Auckland
2-5 October, 2017: “The Resolution of anaphoric Null subjects in Chinese discourse”, poster at Exposure 2017(Postgraduate Research Exposition), the University of Auckland

Areas of expertise

  • Chinese syntax, semantics and pragmatics
  • Teaching Chinese as a second language in New Zealand

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ARTS 2 - Bldg 207
Level 3, Room 313
New Zealand