Dr David John Crossman

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Isaacson, M., Gibbs, H., Ruygrok, P. N., & Crossman, D. J. (2020). Loss of troponin-T labelling in endomyocardial biopsies of cardiac transplant patients is associated with increased rejection grading. Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology10.1111/1440-1681.13400
  • Mellor, N. G., Pham, T., Tran, K., Loiselle, D. S., Ward, M.-L., Taberner, A. J., ... Han, J.-C. (2020). Disruption of transverse-tubular network reduces energy efficiency in cardiac muscle contraction. Acta physiologica (Oxford, England)10.1111/apha.13545
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Toan Pham, Kenneth Tran, Denis Loiselle, Marie-Louise Ward, Andrew Taberner, June-Chiew Han
  • Hassan, S., Barrett, C. J., & Crossman, D. J. (2020). Imaging tools for assessment of myocardial fibrosis in humans: the need for greater detail. Biophysical reviews, 12 (4), 969-987. 10.1007/s12551-020-00738-w
  • Power, A. S., Hickey, A. J., Crossman, D. J., Loiselle, D. S., & Ward, M.-L. (2018). Calcium mishandling impairs contraction in right ventricular hypertrophy prior to overt heart failure. Pflugers Archiv : European journal of physiology, 470 (7), 1115-1126. 10.1007/s00424-018-2125-0
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Marie-Louise Ward, Denis Loiselle, Tony Hickey
  • Curl, C. L., Danes, V. R., Bell, J. R., Raaijmakers, A. J. A., Ip, W. T. K., Chandramouli, C., ... Charchar, F. J. (2018). Cardiomyocyte Functional Etiology in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction Is Distinctive-A New Preclinical Model. Journal of the American Heart Association, 7 (11).10.1161/jaha.117.007451
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Kim Mellor
  • Munro, M. L., Shen, X., Ward, M., Ruygrok, P. N., Crossman, D. J., & Soeller, C. (2018). Highly variable contractile performance correlates with myocyte content in trabeculae from failing human hearts. Scientific reports, 8 (1)10.1038/s41598-018-21199-y
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Marie-Louise Ward, Peter Ruygrok
  • Jayasinghe, I., Clowsley, A. H., de Langen, O., Sali, S. S., Crossman, D. J., & Soeller, C. (2018). Shining New Light on the Structural Determinants of Cardiac Couplon Function: Insights From Ten Years of Nanoscale Microscopy. Frontiers in physiology, 910.3389/fphys.2018.01472
  • Crossman, D. J., Jayasinghe, I. D., & Soeller, C. (2017). Transverse tubule remodelling: A cellular pathology driven by both sides of the plasmalemma?. Biophysical Reviews, 9 (6), 919-929. 10.1007/s12551-017-0273-7

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