Dr Gregory Camp

DPhil, Oxford University; MSt, Oxford University; BA (Summa cum laude) George Washington University


Dr Gregory Camp has been a lecturer at the University of Auckland School of Music since 2013, where he teaches a wide variety of topics in musicology, music theory and musicianship. He is the school’s Director of Postgraduate Studies, and is also the artistic director of the new Wallace Opera Training Programme, for which he directs an opera production each year. His doctoral research, undertaken at the Queen’s College, Oxford, was on the modern performance history of the operas of Claudio Monteverdi; his current research focuses on film music of the 1950s. Recent articles have appeared in Scene, on opera house architecture, and in the Journal of the Society for American Music, on music in the Disney theme parks. Originally from Denver, Colorado, he graduated summa cum laude from The George Washington University with a double major in International Affairs and Music. He then went to Oxford for an MSt in Musicology, studying the modern reception history of Monteverdi’s 1610 Vespers. While at Oxford Gregory sang in the Queen's College chapel choir, which he also served as librarian, and founded the seventeenth-century music ensemble Selva Claudiana. In early 2013 he was an adjunct instructor of music at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He currently sings in Voices New Zealand and in the University of Auckland Chamber Choir. He also serves as President of the New Zealand Musicological Society.

Research | Current

  • Characterisation through music in film
  • 1950s film music
  • Music in the films of Howard Hawks
  • Music in Disney theme parks, film, and television
  • Monteverdi on the modern stage
  • Linguistics for singers

Teaching | Current


  • MUS 143 Contemporary Music Culture
  • MUS 144G Turning Points in Western Music
  • MUS 203 Classical Theory and Musicianship 1
  • MUS 293A Performance Skills: Module on Linguistics for Singers
  • MUS 293B Performance Skills: Opera Scenes Project
  • MUS 248/348 Music on Stage and Screen


  • MUS 101 Theory Tutorials
  • MUS 102 Theory and Musicianship Lectures and Theory Tutorials
  • MUS 104 Theory Lectures
  • MUS 140 Writing About Music
  • MUS 145 Western Music Across the Centuries
  • MUS 201 Musicianship Lectures and Theory Tutorials
  • MUS 202 Theory and Musicianship Lectures and Theory Tutorials
  • MUS 240 Music, History and Ideas
  • MUS 241 Contemporary Musical Culture
  • MUS 376 Jazz Research
  • MUS 359/759 Special Topic: Monteverdi in/as History
  • MUS 359/759 Special Topic: Stephen Sondheim as Musical Dramatist
  • MUS 759 Special Topic: The Venetian Operas of Claudio Monteverdi

Postgraduate supervision

Gregory is interested in supervising postgraduate students in film music, opera, and critical musicology.


Current supervisions:

  • Ben Kubiak, PhD: History and Aesthetics of Rock Musicals [co-supervision with Nancy November]
  • Anthony Young, DMus: The Binary Star of Musical Language and Structure [co-supervision with Leonie Holmes and Eve de Castro-Robinson]
  • Caroline Manins, DMA: New Direction in Jazz Vocal Performance: Integrating Modern and Medieval Vocal Techniques, Musical Concepts, and Stylistic Practices [co-supervision with Nancy November]
  • Godfrey de Grut, MMus: Genre-Specific Musical Conventions in Popular Music Composition
  • Eamon Edmundson-Wells, MMus: Deleuze and Harmolodic Improvisation [co-supervision with Ron Samsom]
  • Leo Jaffrey, Honours Dissertation: Conducting Gesture for Brass Bands
  • Tomás Iglesias, CAI Summer Scholarship: Film Music and Storytelling


Past supervisions:

  • Siyu Sun, MMus: Romanticism in the Piano Music of Schubert, Schumann, and Liszt [co-supervision with Rae de Lisle] (2019)
  • Joyce Lee, MMus: Developing Sight-Reading Pedagogy for the Piano [co-supervision with Rae de Lisle] (2019)
  • Amy Chang, MMus: Playing Orchestral Reductions on the Pianoforte [co-supervision with Morag Atchison and Rachel Fuller] (2018)
  • Clare Hood, MMus: Examining and Deconstructing Cultural Ideologies Surrounding Gender in Classical Vocal Performance [co-supervision with Morag Atchison] (2018)
  • Lauren White, MMus: Opera in the Cinema [co-supervision with Morag Atchison] (2018)
  • Rowan Johnston, MMus: Marian Choral Music [co-supervision with Karen Grylls] (2017)
  • Rubim de Toledo, MMus: African and Caribbean Influence on Contemporary Bass Playing [co-supervision with Olivier Holland] (2017)
  • Joella Pinto, MMus: Nadia Boulanger's Influence on Composers of Violin Music [co-supervision with Elizabeth Holowell] (2017)
  • Tim Carpenter, MMus: Works of Gerald Finzi for Voice and Orchestra [co-supervision with Karen Grylls and Uwe Grodd] (2016)
  • Kayla Collingwood, MMus: Translating Opera and Art Song [co-supervision with Morag Atchison] (2016)
  • Bradley Wood, MMus: Pianist and Violinist as Equals: The Art of Accompanying the Violin [co-supervision with Rae de Lisle] (2016)
  • Rebecca Bendre, MMus: Baroque Repertoire in the Cello Studio [co-supervision with Edith Salzmann] (2015)
  • Thomas Hwang, MMus: The Improvisational and Compositional Style of Jonathan Kreisberg [co-supervision with Kevin Field and Dixon Nacey] (2015)
  • Susan Jung, MMus: Arrangements of Violin Music for Flute [co-supervision with Uwe Grodd] (2014)
  • Ben Kubiak, Honours Dissertation: Polystylism and the Rock Idiom in the Rock Musical Pippin [co-supervision with Nancy November] (2017) [Winner of the Drake Medal in Musicology]
  • Clovis McEvoy, Honours Dissertation: Visual Art and Music in Virtual Reality (2017)
  • Ivan Mouraviev, Honours Dissertation: Unheard Modules? Music, customisation and gameplay experience in Dota 2 (2017)
  • Victoria Croucher, Honours Dissertation: Music and Gender in the Films of Wes Anderson [co-supervision with Davinia Caddy] (2016)
  • William Kingi, Honours Dissertation: The Music of Steve Reich [co-supervision with Davinia Caddy] (2013)
  • Masakazu Senda, Honours Dissertation: Analysing Recordings of Beethoven's Music [co-supervision with Davinia Caddy] (2013)
  • Arthur Adams-Close, CAI Summer Scholarship: Schubert's 'Die Schöne Müllerin' in Performance
  • Eliana Dunford, CAI Summer Scholarship: Thomas Adès Violin Concerto
  • Callum Blackmore, NICAI Summer Scholarship: Deleuze and Film Sound (2016)
  • Jenny Zilmer, Independent Research: The First Decade of Hamburg's Theater am Gänsemarkt, A Preliminary Account of Materials and Music (2017)
  • Francis Be, Independent Research: Rock and Reggae in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands (2016)
  • Amy Jansen, Independent Research: Crossover Techniques for Classical and Music Theatre Singing (2015)
  • Ivan Mouraviev, Independent Research: The Synchretic Network in Video Game Music (2015) [Winner of the Drake Medal in Musicology]


CLeaR Fellow in Teaching and Learning, 2015, on the theme "student engagement and achievement"


Director of Postgraduate Studies

Artistic Director, Wallace Opera Training Programme

Areas of expertise

Historical and critical musicology

Early opera

Film music

Committees/Professional groups/Services

President, New Zealand Musicological Society

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Camp, G. (2019). Musical Dialectics in the Films of Douglas Sirk and Frank Skinner. Paper presented at Max Steiner Symposium, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. 1 November - 2 November 2019. Related URL.
  • Camp, G. L. (2019). Howard Hawks, Dimitri Tiomkin, and the Male Chorus: Musical Masculinity in Mid-Century America. Paper presented at Society for American Music, New Orleans, LA. 21 March - 24 March 2019. Related URL.
  • Camp, G. L., Adams-Close, A., Chang, A., & Jones, A. Die Schöne Müllerin, Franz Schubert, 7/3/2019. [Staged song cycle], (70 minutes), Thursdays at 7, All Saints' Church Howick, All Saints' Church, Howick.
  • Camp, G. (2018). Davy Crockett, Slue-Foot Sue, and the Triple R: Folksong and Fakesong in Walt Disney's 1950s. Paper presented at 44th Society for American Music Forty Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO. 28 February - 4 March 2018.
  • Grylls, K., & Camp, G. Opera Scenes: Samuel Barber "Hand of Bridge," Maurice Ravel "L'enfant et les Sortilèges", 22/9/2017. [Public Performance], (70 minutes), Opera Scenes, Music Theatre, 6 Symonds Street. Commissioning body: The Wallace Foundation, School of Music Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Karen Grylls
  • Camp, G. (2017). Actor, character, and music: Musicalising Montgomery Clift. Paper presented at Musicology: Theory and practice, East and West : 20th Congress of the International Musicological Society, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan. 19 March - 23 March 2017. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/33833
  • Camp, G. L. (2017). Mickey Mouse Muzak: Shaping Experience Musically in Walt Disney World. Journal of the Society for American Music, 11 (1), 53-69. 10.1017/S1752196316000523
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/32767
  • Camp, G. L. (2016). Music and method in the films of Elia Kazan. Paper presented at New Zealand Musicological Society Annual Conference: Contemporary and future paths in music performance, composition and analysis, University of Waikato Conservatorium of Music. Hamilton, New Zealand. 19 November - 20 November 2016. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/31810


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Monday 1.30-2.30, Wednesday 10-11

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Level 6, Room 610
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