Geoffrey Lerner

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy

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Developing a spatio-temporal model for mass flow hazards at stratovolcanoes, Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand

Supervisors: Shane Cronin (Auckland) and Gillian Turner (VUW)

My research tries to answer questions about the ways stratovolcanoes grow and erupt. What patterns can we see? Why does a volcano sometimes erupt in one sector but not another? How much can we learn about a volcano's behavior by studying its most recently active sector? How can we apply the information from this sector-based approach to better determine the hazards posed by mass flows (pyroclastic density currents, lahars, debris avalanches) at a given time in a given place?

Areas of expertise

Stratovolcanoes, paleomagnetism, volcanic hazards, hazard communication


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SCIENCE CENTRE 302 - Bldg 302
Level 4, Room 443
New Zealand

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