Mr Joseph Ashby


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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Originally from the coastal town of Felixstowe (UK), Joseph moved to London to read Medical Physics at UCL. After completion of his Masters' ("Building a Phantom to Test Brain Computer Interfaces" under Dr Anne Vanhoestenberghe) and graduating first class with honours Joseph decided to pursue further study. To that end, he joined the Biomimetics Lab in November 2017.

Outside of academia Joseph's interests include music (former school orchestra violinist, and bass player), technology (member of UCL Tech Soc and 2013/14 social officer), and diving (PADI open water, current member of the Taniwha project). 

Research | Current

Provisional title: Soft robotics for space missions

Soft robotic actuators, sensors and electronics composed of low density stretchy materials such as silicone show promise in meeting the environmental challenges of space. The goal of this project is to combine soft sensors with actuators to produce low mass, low volume space-deployable robots.

Primary Supervisor: Associate Professor Iain Anderson

Secondary Supervisor: Dr Ernst-Friedrich Markus Henke