Ms Julianne Marisa Evans

Master of Arts, University of Auckland


Communicating with the media

Do you have something that may be of interest to the public or wider university, such as an upcoming journal paper, visiting experts, or any research that may capture people’s imagination or have a public good dimension? Is there a topical issue in your area of expertise that you want to comment on publicly, perhaps via an opinion piece? 

Based in the central Communications team, I work on behalf of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University to ensure your news reaches as many audiences as possible. 

For research stories, it would be helpful if you could send me:

  • Four or five bullets outlining the most important points and why it is of interest 
  • What is the main conclusion?
  • Why it should matter to people, and in what way, i.e., how does it address a current problem in society?
  • A copy of the paper/proof
  • Publication date (approximate month is okay)
  • Who funded the research?
  • Best spokesperson from the university (usually the lead investigator)
  • Contact details for anyone else/ other organisations involved in the research
  •  Relevant pictures or graphics (high resolution), or if not, I can often arrange photography

I will build a media plan with you, which may involve me drafting a media release. You will get to revise and approve the release before I send it to the media. The release will also be published on the news and opinion section of the University and Faculty sites. We’ll then share the news on social media, through Faculty and/or central University channels.

I can also connect you to the publishers of the staff intranet, UniNews and Ingenio and other University-wide news publications.

If you want some interview tips or media training for radio or TV/video interviews, I can help with that too.

Contact details

Alternative contact

Mobile: 027 562 5868

Primary office location

Level 3, Room 301
New Zealand