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DPhil (Oxford), MA (1st Class Hons) (Auckland)

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Linda gained her MA (1st Class Hons) at the University of Auckland in 1980. In 1988 she was awarded DPhil in the History of Science at the University of Oxford, where she was held the Clifford Norton Junior Research Fellowship in the History of Science at Queen’s College. Her thesis was subsequently published by Oxford University Press as Below the Magic Mountain: A Social History of Tuberculosis in Twentieth-century Britain. In 1987 she was awarded a British Academy Post-doctoral Fellowship. In 1988 Linda helped found and was inaugural editor of the Oxford journal, Social History of Medicine.

She has taught History at the University of Auckland since 1988, and in 2008 was appointed Professor. From 2004-2007 she held a Royal Society Marsden Grant. She is a Fellow of the New Zealand Academy for the Humanities, Te Matanga o Te Whainga Aronui, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand Te Apārangi. She is an honorary professor of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a collaborator on a Wellcome Trust research project led by Professor Martin Gorsky of the LSHTM on international health systems. In 2017 she delivered the Annual John C. Burnham Lecture in the History of Medicine and Science at the Ohio State University, USA, and has been a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for the History of Healthcare, Glasgow. She is currently co-editor of the New Zealand Journal of History, and series editor with Professor Martin Gorsky of Studies in the History of Healthcare, Peter Lang International Academic Publishers.

Over her career Linda has taught and researched the field of the social history of health and medicine, with a particular emphasis on twentieth-century Britain and New Zealand. Subjects have included reproductive health, the history of childbirth, infant care, nursing, and public health provision.

Research | Current

Social and cultural history of health and medicine in twentieth-century New Zealand, including the history of public health policy, maternity, child health, tuberculosis, medical education, and nursing.

Teaching | Current

HISTORY 705 Writing New Zealand

Postgraduate supervision

Linda Bryder supervises in the area of the history of health, medicine and society in New Zealand. She also supervises topics relating to the history of Auckland.

Current supervision (main supervisor)


  • Helen Morten, "Dietary Advice, Health and Wellness in Late 20th Century New Zealand"
  • David Simcock, "The History of Auckland in the 1950s"
  • Jordan Scordino, "AIDS & Aotearoa: The New Zealand AIDS Response within a Global Context"
  • Chris Turnbull, “New Zealand in the Pacific”
  • Tess Mazey-Richardson, "Youth Suicide in New Zealand Aotearoa: A Socio-Cultural History of Responses to Youth Suicide, 1960-2000"


  • Nathan McLeay, "Perceptions of Social Housing in New Zealand, 1945-2000"
  • Kershia Singh, "Indian Delights: A Cookbook’s Journey through South Africa and New Zealand’s Diasporic Communities"

Recently completed PhDs

  • John Collins, "The Professionalization of Surgery: An Examination of Surgeon-Patient Encounters in Britain, 1745-1858", 2021
  • Sheree Trotter, "Zionism in New Zealand: 1897-1948", 2020
  • Ella Arbury, “A Healthy Home: The influence of ideas about health on Maori and Pakeha homes in Auckland, 1918-1949”, 2020
  • Hannah Cutting-Jones, "Feasts of Change: Food and History in the Cook Islands, 1825–1975”, 2018.
  • Courtney Harper, "Towards Self-Sufficiency": Public Health Responses to Diabetes in Twentieth-Century New Zealand c.1920-2000", 2016.
  • Nicholas Taewa, "'Hope Deferred': A Study of Cancer in New Zealand, 1882-1939", 2014.
  • Katrina Ford, " The Tyranny of the Microbe: Microbial Mentalities in New Zealand, c.1880-1915”, 2013.
  • Deborah Jowitt, "Government Policy Relating to Hepatitis B in New Zealand 1970-2005", 2010.
  • Claire Gooder, "A History of Sex Education in New Zealand, 1939-1985", 2010.
  • Joanne Richdale, "Lifting the Veil of Silence: Personal Abortion Narratives in New Zealand, 1919-1937", 2010.
  • Jill Wrapson, "Fluoridation of New Zealand's Public Water Supplies: A Historical Investigation into Societal Attitudes and Concerns, 1950-2008", 2009.
  • Alison Day, "Child Immunisation: Reactions and Responses in New Zealand Government Policy, 1920-1990", 2008.
  • Deborah Dunsford, "Seeking the Prize of Eradication: A Social History of Tuberculosis in New Zealand from World War Two to the 1970s", 2008.
  • Kate Prebble, "Ordinary Men and Uncommon Women: A History of Psychiatric Nursing in New Zealand Public Mental Hospitals, 1939-1972", 2007.
  • Antje Kampfe, "To Map out the 'Venereal Wilderness': A History of Venereal Diseases and Public Health in New Zealand, 1920-1980", 2005.

Recently completed MAs

  • Rachel Schmidt, "Pacific mothers experiences in antenatal care, childbirth, postnatal care, and infant and childcare from chidbirth to five years of age during the 1970s", 2020
  • Kieran Sinclair, "Democracy and NZ Political Culture, 1984-1990", 2019
  • Andrew Hart, 'The University of Auckland Medical School, 1960-1980', 2018
  • Ione Cussen, "'Love Child': Single Motherhood in Late Twentieth century New Zealand", 2016.
  • Jennifer Sutton, “Child health during the Liberal period, 1891-1912”, 2015
  • Samantha Skiff, “A Disempowered Handmaiden?: Hospital Midwives and the Process of Medical and Political Change, 1950-1990”, 2014
  • Omar Hamed, “Resistance to Neo-Liberalism in New Zealand: An analysis of three campaigns against user pays and privatisation”, 2013.
  • Willem van Gent, '"From alternative to complementary: A history of chiropractic in twentieth century New Zealand", 2012.
  • Ella Arbury, "Breast or bottle? Breast-feeding Attitudes and Practices in New Zealand 1900-1963", 2011.
  • Courtney Harper, '"The art of eating has, in fact, become a science': Dietary Advice in New Zealand from the Interwar Period to 1960", 2009.
  • Katherine Lucas, '"God Given Science': The History of the Relationship between Orthodox and Alternative Medicine in New Zealand, 1850-1960, with special reference to Homeopathy", 2008.
  • Elinor Harris, "Vitality for Sale: 'Modern Miracle' or 'Monument to the Misused Power of Printer's Ink'? Medical Advertising and Quackery in New Zealand in the 1935-1955", 2008.
  • Nicholas Taewa, "To 'Ruralise' the Towns: The Slum, Town Planning and Environmental Eugenics in New Zealand, 1900-1926", 2008.
  • Gabrielle Bourke, "Illuminating the Dark Hour: Auckland 's St Helens Hospital, 1906-1990", 2006.
  • Scott Morgan, "A history of general practice in New Zealand 1955 to 1995", The University of Auckland MA thesis, 2006.
  • Christina Jeffery, "Whanautanga: The Experiences of Maori Women who Gave Birth at National Women's Hospital, 1958-2004", 2005.


  • Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Fellow of the New Zealand Academy of Humanities
  • Honorary Professor at the Centre for History in Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, from 2007
  • University of Auckland Teaching Excellence Award 2010
  • University of Auckland Research Excellence Award 2014


  • Professor of History
  • Director, Auckland History Initiative
  • Co-editor, New Zealand Journal of History
  • Book Series editor with Martin Gorsky (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine), Studies in the History of Medicine and Healthcare (Peter Lang Oxford publishers)

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • University Staffing Committee
  • University Staffing Committee representative on Faculty of Education and Social Work Staffing Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Bryder, L., & Dow, D. (2019). Beyond Borders: The history of health and medicine in Australia and New Zealand: Introduction to Virtual Issue. Related URL.
  • Bryder, L. (2019). Doctors in Denial: The Forgotten Women in the ‘Unfortunate Experiment’, by Ronald W. Jones (2017) [Book Review]. Journal of New Zealand & Pacific Studies, 7 (1), 115-117. 10.1386/nzps.7.1.95_5
  • Bryder, L. (2019). Mobilising Mothers: The 1917 National Baby Week. Medical History, 63 (1), 2-23. 10.1017/mdh.2018.60
  • Ware, C., & Bryder, L. (2019). ‘We'd Just Get Together ... and Talk about Cancer’: Commissioned Oral Histories and the Professional Historian. Health and History, 21 (2), 47-68. 10.5401/healthhist.21.2.0047
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Cheryl Ware
  • Bryder, L., & Dow, D. (2018). Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences History. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Derek Dow
  • Bryder, L. (2018). Response to: Over-diagnosis and the Cancer Label. BMJ, 362, k3528-k3528. 10.1136/bmj.k3528
  • Bryder, L. (2018). Challenging New Zealand's icon: Sir Frederic Truby King. Social History of Medicine10.1093/shm/hky051
  • Bryder, L. (2018). History of medicine in Australia and New Zealand. In M. Jackson (Ed.) A global history of medicine (pp. 220-242). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. Related URL.


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