Dr Marija Radomir Tutulic

Dipl.-Ing., PhD, MEngNZ

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Professional Teaching Fellow


I am a civil engineer with in-depth knowledge of surface water and groundwater hydrodynamics and engineering grade computer models.

Initially, my career focused on river hydraulics and morphology projects, including ice regime and sediment transport studies. I have further been involved in flood forecasting system on the Danube river. My graduation thesis's topic was river training works on the Tamnava river in Serbia. First 5 years of my post-graduate career I've spent at the Jaroslav Cerni Hydraulic Institute in Belgrade, Serbia working with the River Hydraulics and Flood Protection department.

My recent doctoral research explored sustainable stormwater management and its relationship with urbanisation using the principles of low impact development. I have studied the possibility of injecting treated excess stormwater to enhance natural groundwater recharge using deep wells.

I am passionate about using innovative approaches to help future engineers reach excellence in communication, project and business management.

Teaching | Current

  • ENGGEN 403 - Management for Engineers (Managing a Business)
  • ENGGEN 303 - Management for Engineers (Managing Projects)​
  • ENGGEN 204 - Management for Engineers (Managing Design and Communication)

Areas of expertise

  • River Hydraulics and Morphology
  • Groundwater Hydrology
  • Computer Modelling
  • Project Management

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Member of the Engineering New Zealand (MEngNZ)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Tutulić MR, Adams, K. N., Shamseldin, A. Y., & Melville, B. W. (2011). Modelling aquifer recharge with stormwater in urban areas. Paper presented at 7th South Pacific Stormwater Conference 2011, Auckland, New Zealand. 4 May - 6 May 2011. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/16572

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New Zealand