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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


Perry Tan was awarded a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours specialising in Biomedical Engineering by the University of Auckland in 2015. He commenced a PhD specialising in Bioengineering at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute in the same year.

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Clinical Problem:  The monitoring of chronic medical conditions, such as hydrocephalus, can benefit from long-term monitoring implants. These implants would deliver pressure measurements while the patient is away from a clinical setting. This provides a useful monitoring tool for the patient and a previously unavailable dataset for clinicians to manage their patients. We propose long-range wireless power transfer to power the device. This project aims to deliver a wireless power transfer system to deliver power to these devices in the UHF band over a distance of up to 2 meters. The technology would allow unobtrusive powering of the device without the need for patient intervention. This can be further developed into a platform for powering a variety of implantable sensor systems.


Current Focus: Testing is currently being done to quantify the expected in-vivo performance of the wireless power transfer system. This involves measuring the performance of encapsulated antennas immersed in human tissue-mimicking gels over increasing distances.


Outcome: The goal of this project is to show that wireless power can be transmitted over distances up to 2 meters to an implanted device of sufficient quantity to support bursts of high frequency pressure sampling. 


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Implantable Devices


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