Ms Ruth Price

Bachelor of Arts (University of Canterbury), Diploma of Teaching (Auckland College of Education)


Ruth Price is an experienced literacy, English language learning and ALL facilitator
with Team Solutions. Alongside her leadership and teaching experience in schools,
Ruth has a wide range of facilitation expertise across primary, intermediate and
secondary school sectors.

Ruth’s previous role as a Te Kotahitanga facilitator enables her to collaborate with
leaders and teachers to provide a culturally responsive and inclusive curriculum
focus. Her work in Intermediate and Secondary schools has led to a keen interest in
supporting students, through teacher knowledge building, to effectively transition
from Year 8 to Year 9.

Working across all curriculum areas, Ruth supports teachers to implement a range of
effective literacy practices and collaboratively implement targeted teaching and
learning programmes based on student achievement data. She works alongside
leaders and teachers, strengthening their evaluative capability while supporting them
in the use of inquiry and knowledge building cycles. This enables teachers to develop,
implement, monitor and modify strategies for accelerated learning and improved
outcomes for priority students.



Research | Current

Participating in research titled:Understanding linguistically and culturally responsive facilitation practice (2015)

Researchers: Dr Deidre Le Fevre (Principal Investigator), Dr Fiona Ell (Co-Investigator), Professor Helen Timperley (Co-Investigator), Dr Rae Si‘ilata (Co-Investigator), Kaye Twyford (Co-Investigator), Faleata Ualesi (Student Researcher), Dr Sarah Mayo (Co-Investigator)