Associate Professor Stephen Hoadley

BSc (Purdue), MA (California State), PhD (California)


  • Served in the US Navy and is now an Honorary Captain in the Royal New Zealand Navy
  • Practiced journalism in Asia and still contributes media commentary
  • Studied political science in California, earning a doctorate
  • Taught at universities in St. Louis, Hong Kong, and Kobe
  • Settled in New Zealand in 1972
  • Married with two children and three grandchildren

Research | Current

  • Foreign and security policies of New Zealand, Asia, the United States, Europe and the Middle East
  • Politics of trade
  • International human rights institutions

Within the broad field of International Relations, Stephen Hoadley works primarily in the sub-discipline of Foreign Policy Analysis. He finds it satisfying intellectually, and most feasible for student research.  It entails exploration of why particular governments pursue particular foreign policies, considering not only international opportunities and threats but also the domestic institutions and political influences that shape policies. He treats foreign policies as encompassing not only diplomacy, security, and trade but also aid, cultural exchange, and advocacy of arms control, human rights and environmental protection.

Teaching | Current

POLITICS 300 Great Power Relations

POLITICS 737 Directed Research 

POLITICS 750 International Relations and Human Rights

POLITICS 780 Research Project

Stephen's current teaching includes foreign and security policies of New Zealand, the United States, and European powers and the EU; security and economic issues in Pacific Asia and the Middle East; the politics of trade; and international human rights institutions and policies.

Postgraduate supervision

Stephen has supervised a wide range of research essays, dissertations, and theses and acted as external examiner for numerous others. Recent topics have included:  Pacific Regional Human Rights Organisations; Britain’s and Germany’s Responses to the Financial Crisis; NZ Aid Policy Reforms under Labour and National; India and the Kashmir Dispute; Human Trafficking in Malaysia; The Case for Humanitarian Intervention in Burma; US Human Rights Violations in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib; The European Union and Turkish Accession; NZ and the Antarctic Regime; Counterfeiting and Human Rights; Southern Thailand Muslim Insurgency and Human Rights; Human Rights and Fiji in NZ Foreign Policy; NZ and Canada Immigration Policies; New Zealand Defence Relations with Australia; Geopolitics of the India-Pakistan Pipeline; Chalmers Johnson and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq; European Identity and the Accession of Turkey; New Zealand and the Transformation of War; The Case of Achmed Zaoui; The Active Denial System in International Law; Trade and Human Rights: NZ and China; NZ Security and Civil Liberties Policies; Agent Orange Mitigation in Vietnam.

Recent masters and doctoral supervision topics include: German asylum policy; NZ and US climate change policies; the Pakistan Taliban; US-Mexico relations regarding GM foods; Malaysia's policies towards Israel; the public diplomacy of Israel and the Palestinian Authority; protected microstates in Europe and the South Pacific; China's policies in the East and South China Seas; Russia-Europe relations in Ukraine; NZ-Vietnam Relations; Sri Lanka between India and China; the New Caledonia independence movement; UN poverty reduction policies in China; and NZ aid and foreign student policies.


Honorary Professor of the New Zealand Defence Force Command and Staff College

Honorary Captain in the Royal New Zealand Navy

Life Member and National Council member of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (Wellington)


  • Politics and International Relations Graduate Advisor.

Areas of expertise

Foreign Policy Analysis; Politics of Trade Agreements; Security Analysis; Assessment of International Human Rights Treaties, Institutions, and Policies.

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Corresponding Editor of New Zealand International Review (Wellington)

Life Member and National Council member of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (Wellington)

formerly Contributing Editor of Political Handbook of the World (Washington DC)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Hoadley, S. (2017). International economic security: The New Zealand experience. In W. Hoverd, N. Nelson, C. Bradley (Eds.) New Zealand national security: Challenges, trends and issues (pp. 165-179). Auckland, New Zealand: Massey University Press.
  • Hoadley, S. (2017). New Zealand trade negotiations. Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. Pages: 297.
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  • Hoadley, S. (2016). New Zealand United States relations (2nd). Wellington, N.Z.: The New Zealand Institute of International Affairs. Pages: 271.
  • Hoadley, S. (2015). New Zealand civil-military relations in Afghanistan: Aims, assessments, and lessons. In W. Maley, S. Schmeidl (Eds.) Reconstructing Afghanistan: Civil-military experiences in comparative perspective (pp. 43-54). New York: Routledge.
  • Hoadley, J. S. (2013). Tensions in the East China Sea. New Zealand International Review, 38 (6), 25-28. Related URL.


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