Dr Saeid Baroutian

PhD, MEng, BEng, PGCert AcadPrac


Saeid is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering. He worked at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (Senior Lecturer 2010-2011), the Crown Research Institute Scion (Research Fellow 2011-2013) and then at the University of Auckland (Research Fellow 2014-2016). 

Saeid's research interests lie in the area of Process Engineering and the research that has an applied focus and able to apply his skills to provide solutions to problems and improve or integrate processes.

Research | Current

Saeid research group (Waste & Biomass Processing Group) has focused on waste reduction and value recovery from biomass, municipal solid waste and industrial residues and by-products. His aim is to develop cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient processes for development of high-value products from biological raw materials and waste.

Current Research Projects:

Deconstruction Processes

  • Wet oxidation of wastewater treatment sludge
  • Thermal hydrolysis of wastewater treatment sludge
  • Catalytic wet oxidation 
  • Wet oxidation of biomass: Fundamental investigation of reactions
  • Hydrothermal treatment of putrescible food waste
  • Hydrothermal treatment of municipal solid waste

Conversion Processes

  • Hydrothermal carbonisation of woody biomass and food waste
  • Hydrothermal conversion of plastic waste
  • Hydrothermal liquefaction of plastic waste

Separation Processes

  • Extraction of bioactive antioxidant using subcritical water extraction
  • Supercritical fluid extraction
  • Capture and recovery of volatile anaesthetic gas

Biological Processes

  • Fungal pretreatment of biomass
  • Improving landfill methanogenesis efficiency

Teaching | Current

  • CHEMMAT 212 - Energy and Processing
  • CHEMMAT 772 - Advanced Food Process Engineering (Course Director)
  • CHEMMAT 757 - Engineering Biotechnology (Course Director)
  • CHEMMAT 751 A & B - Research Project (Course Director)

Postgraduate supervision

Postdoctoral Mentorship:

  • Dr Xing Xin

PhD supervision:

  • Sinemobong Essien, Main supervisor
  • Teck Nam Ang, Main supervisor
  • Mazdak Rasapoor, Main supervisor
  • Navid Taghavi, Main supervisor
  • Terrell Thompson, Main supervisor
  • Subhasree Bhaskar, Main Supervisor
  • Phuong Linh Ngo, Main Supervisor

PhD co-supervision:

  • Najam Saqib, main supervisor :A/Professor Ajit Sarmah
  • Yilin Li, main supervisor: Prof. Bryony James
  • Soniya Mohammadi, main supervisor:Dr Ali Seyfoddine (AUT)
  • Beli Ebrahimi, main supervisor:Prof Jun Lu (AUT) 


  • Early Career Research Excellence Award - The University of Auckland, April 2018
  • Teaching Portfolio Development Award - Faculty of Engineering, The University of Auckland, December 2015
  • Engineering Excellence Award - Scion (New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd), October 2013

Areas of expertise

  • Hydrothermal processing
  • Bioenergy
  • Separation and reaction systems
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Solid waste treatment
  • Resource recovery

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Research Committee, Faculty of Engineering
  • Safety Committee, Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering 
  • Research Committee, Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering 
  • Teaching Committee, Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering 
  • IChemE Auckland Branch Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

Contact details

Primary office location

Level 10, Room 1067
New Zealand

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