Ms Selena Meiklejohn-Whiu


Selena’s most recent facilitation includes working alongside principal investigators, research partners and participants to establish and maintain effective working relationships. Her work supports the formative use of research data and in partnership with Kāhui Ako or clusters of schools, develops shared hypotheses for change in order to meet the specific needs of students in reading, writing and mathematics. Selena has actively contributed to data analysis (both quantitative and qualitative) and the dissemination of findings to stakeholders, schools and participants. Selena’s facilitation encourages critical, robust discussion, about what is working and what could be changed in each unique context. Her facilitation supports her philosophy that when we serve our traditionally unserved Māori and Pasifika tamariki it benefits all of our children.

As a Literacy facilitator, Selena always established and worked to maintain effective professional relationships which kept the learning and well-being of students at the forefront. The relationships Selena had within schools she worked were transparent and communications were clear. Throughout the CPL Literacy PLD and Accelerated Literacy Learning (ALL) work Selena did, she worked collaboratively with STL, middle leaders and teachers. As much as possible goals and actions were co-created and Selena’s facilitation focused on capability building to ensure the (future) successful transfer of knowledge and skills.

Selena’s Literacy facilitation role in the Pacific Literacy and School Leadership Project (for the Solomon Islands) was to support and develop the capabilities of in-country literacy facilitators; design in-country professional learning and development workshops that explored literacy teaching strategies in a local context; and co-create data collection tools to evaluate the literacy work that was being done with leaders and teachers in the Temotu province of Solomon Islands. Selena adapted her facilitation to reflect the unique context of the Solomon Islands work, which included working in a multi-lingual context with very limited resources, and teachers with limited formal training.  Selena demonstrated strong skills in, and an aptitude for, working collaboratively in a cross-cultural context and empowering in-country facilitators to ensure sustainable actions and outcomes.


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