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Treasa’s primary area of research is public international law, with an emphasis on the relationship between New Zealand law and international law, the law of international organisations and international security issues, particularly arms control and disarmament. In her work, reflecting her vision of the role of an academic, she aims to engage with current developments as well as advance understanding of the issues in more reflective, critical work.

Treasa is one of the New Zealand reporters for the Oxford Reports on International Law, the Contributing Editor on International Law for the New Zealand Law Review, in which she provides on-going commentary on the reception of international law into New Zealand law. She also writes the annual updates on International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law for the New Zealand Yearbook of International Law as well as being the New Zealand reporter for the Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law. She has written extensively on New Zealand’s domestic implementation of international law and has participated in training seminars for judges and other government officials, in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Treasa’s interest in the second strand of her work – arms control and disarmament, was triggered by her work (from 1995-1998) with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague. She has published on the way in which states translate their international arms control obligations into domestic law and on the accountability (or otherwise) of international agencies charged with advancing arms control and disarmament. She is currently examining the relationship between the rise of the human security narrative and the ways in which it is playing out in the world of disarmament.

Research | Current

International Law, especially international peace and security

Relationship between New Zealand law and International Law

International Humanitarian Law/Law of Armed Conflict

Law of International Organisations

Arms Control and Disarmament

Teaching | Current

International Criminal Law


International Law (Honours Seminar and Undergraduate)

Law of Armed Conflict


Associate Dean (Postgraduate), Faculty of Law

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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