Dr Thomas Gregory

PhD (Manchester), MSc Econ (Aberystwyth)


Tom received his doctorate from the University of Manchester in 2012 and holds an MSc Econ (Distinction) in International Politics from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and a BA Hons (First Class) in Politics from the University of Sheffield. Before joining the University of Auckland, he was Lecturer in Social and Political Change at Oxford Brookes. His doctoral research, which was supervised by Maja Zehfuss and Cristina Masters, focused on the representation of Afghan women in the justifications for Operation Enduring Freedom.

Research | Current

  • Civilian casualties
  • Late-modern warfare and remotely piloted drones
  • Feminist theory
  • Poststructuralism
  • Critical Security studies

Tom is currently working on three projects that all relate to contemporary conflict, political violence and the ethics of war. The first of these is a Marsden funded project on civilian casualties, non-combatant immunity and the politics of killing, which explores how civilian casualties are conceptualised within contemporary military doctrine and its effects. In particular, he is interested in how the increasingly blurred boundary between combatants and non-combatants has allowed states to justify, normalise or excuse violence against civilian targets. His second project considers the political, ethical and legal issues connected to the emergence of remotely piloted drones, paying particular attention to the way in which the embodied effects of drone warfare have been rendered invisible within the debate about targeted killing. His final project seeks to foreground the human body at war, including the wounded bodies of those targeted on the battlefield and the emotional experiences of those touched by contemporary conflict.

Key Publications:

‘Dismembering the Dead: Violence, Vulnerability and the Body in War’, European Journal of International Relations (Online First).

‘Drones, Targeted Killings and the Limitations of International Law’, International Political Sociology 9(3): 197-212.

‘Potential Lives, Impossible Deaths: Afghanistan, Civilian Casualties and the Politics of Intelligibility’, International Feminist Journal of Politics 14(3): 327-347.


Teaching | Current

POLITICS 258 The International Politics of the Middle East

POLITICS 318 War, Anarchy and the State: Theorising International Relations

POLITICS 773 From Dresden to Drones: The Ethics of War

Postgraduate supervision

Tom is keen to supervise students working on civilian casualties, late-modern warfare and remotely piloted drones, especially projects that draw on feminist and poststructuralist theory (broadly conceived).


Azim Shea, Syria, Refugees and Resilience (with Dr Anita Lacey)

Pia McKay, Mali, Internally Displaced People and the Ethics of Responsibility (with Dr Anita Lacey)

Samira Ghoreishi, Feminism in Iran (with A/P Kathy Smits)


Steven Steyl, Drones and Pacifist Ethics (with A/P Kathy Smits) 

Caitlin Merriman, Protest and Embodiment (with Dr Anita Lacey)



Marsden Fast Start ($300,000)



Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Undergraduate Advisor

Areas of expertise

International Relations, Ethics of War, Drones, Targeted Killings, Civilian Casualties, Humanitarian Intervention, Feminist Theory, Poststructuralism, Critical Security Studies, Emotions, Affect.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Gregory, T. A. (2015). Dismembering the Dead: Violence, Vulnerability and the Body in War. European Journal of International Relations10.1177/1354066115618244
  • Gregory, T. A. (2015). Drones, targeted killings and the limitations of international law. International Political Sociology, 9 (3), 197-212. 10.1111/ips.12093
  • Ahall, L., & Gregory, T. A. (2015). Concluding Remarks. In L. Ahall, T. A. Gregory (Eds.) Emotions, Politics, War. Oxon: Routledge.
  • Ahall, L., & Gregory, T. A. (2015). Introduction: mapping emotions, politics and war. In L. Ahall, T. A. Gregory (Eds.) Emotions, Politics, War. Oxon: Routledge.
  • Gregory, T. (2015). Photographing war: Don McCullin, Vietnam and the politics of emotion. In L. Ahall, T. Gregory (Eds.) Emotions, politics and war (pp. 182-194). Oxon: Routledge.
  • Ahall, L., & Gregory, T. A. (Eds.) (2015). Emotions, Politics and War. London: Routledge.
  • Gregory, T. A. (2014). Body counts disguise the true horror of what wars do to bodies. https://theconversation.com/body-counts-disguise-the-true-horror-of-what-wars-do-to-bodies-31416. Related URL.
  • Gregory, T. (2012). Potential Lives, Impossible Deaths. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 14 (3), 327-347. 10.1080/14616742.2012.659851


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