Associate Professor Vincent Cogliati-Bantz

B Pol Sc, First Law Degree, LLM (Int'l Law), LLM (Ocean & Coastal Law), PhD (Int'l Law)

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  • Vincent P. Cogliati-Bantz received his legal education in the United States, Switzerland, France and Ireland. In 2009, he defended his PhD thesis summa cum laude at the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva).  He taught law in Australia over the past decade and his professional experience also includes an assistant Professorship at the University of Miami School of Law and a Robert Schuman scholarship at the European Parliament in Luxembourg. He has authored and co-authored various works on the Law of the Sea and Public International Law, among which The Legal Regime of Straits: Contemporary Challenges and Solutions (Cambridge University Press, 2014) (with Hugo Caminos) and Means of Transportation and Registration of Nationality. Transportation Registered by International Organizations (Routledge, 2015).

Research | Current

  • Vincent Cogliati-Bantz’s main research focus is the Law of the Sea. He is also interested in Public International Law more broadly, International Organizations, European Union Law, Space Law and Law and Globalization. He is currently writing a book under contract with Cambridge University Press on the evolution and contemporary state of the freedom(s) of the high seas. 


Teaching | Current

LAWPUBL 462 Law of the Sea

LAW 131 Legal Method

LAW 141 Legal Foundations 

LAWPUBL 445 European Union Law


Senate Representative (Aegrotat)

Chair, Faculty Research Committee (Assistant Dean Research)

Faculty Research Strategy Committee (Member)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Cogliati-Bantz, V. P. (2020). Sea-Level Rise and Coastal States' Maritime Entitlements: A Cautious Approach. Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies, 7 (1), 86-110.
  • Cogliati Bantz, V. (2018). Freedom (?) of the high seas: evolution, challenges, perspectives. Paper presented at Developing international law in challenging times, Sydney, Australia. 19 August - 24 August 2018. Related URL.
  • Cogliati Bantz, V. (2018). Les conséquences de la disparition du territoire sur les délimitations maritimes. Paper presented at Les enjeux territoriaux du Pacifique, Noumea, New Caledonia. 3 July - 4 July 2018. Related URL.
  • Cogliati Bantz, V. (2018). Les transports maritimes et le milieu marin (Shipping and the marine environment). Annuaire du droit de la mer, 23, 441-464. Related URL.
  • Cogliati Bantz, V. (2017). Les transports maritimes et le milieu marin (Shipping and the marine environment). Annuaire du droit de la mer, 22, 469-494. Related URL.
  • Cogliati-Bantz, V. P. (2016). The South China Sea Arbitration (The Republic of the Philippines v. The People’s Republic of China). The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 31 (4), 759-774. 10.1163/15718085-12341421
  • Breunig, R., & Cogliati-Bantz, V. (2016). Founding Principles of Universities in Australia and English-speaking countries. Paper presented at Independence of universities: transfer of powers under article 27 of Law 99-209 relating to New Caledonia, Noumea, New Caledonia. Related URL.
  • Cogliati-Bantz, V. P. (2015). Means of transportation and registration of nationality: Transportation registered by international organizations. Oxford: Routledge. Pages: 304. Related URL.

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