Ms Tamsin Anne Hanly

2012 – 2014 Enrolled part time in PhD. Faculty of Education, University of Auckland. Terminated PhD in 2015. 2007 MA (1st class Hons.) Faculty of Education, University of Auckland Title: ‘Preparing Our Students For Bicultural Relationship Pakeha Primary Teachers and Bicultural Histories of Aotearoa’ 1997 BA University of Auckland (Major) 1989 Diploma of Teaching, Auckland College of Education

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Ko Ngāti Pākehā tēnei. I have worked in Māori and mainstream education since 1986. Lastly at Newton Central Primary School for 17 years as Acting Principal, a schoolwide Bicultural and Treaty Educator, Team leader, Senior teacher of Māori units, Rūmaki teacher and English as a second literacy for Māori pathways. Based on 25 years teaching and the research findings of my Masters (Honours), I began my PhD part-time to research and design a critical Curriculum Programme Resource (CPR) for educators and BOTs to educate them about accurate Māori and Pākehā histories in order to enact their Treaty obligations more effectively. I terminated my PhD in 2014 in order to finish the CPR. THe CPR is in 45 schools/centres.

I currently provide a Professional Development package of a Teacher Only Days in schools and ECE Centres on the CPR, it is in 80. I also do speaking tours, Conferences, at libraries and presentations on the CPR. I lecture part-time at the University of Auckland across the Faculty of Education and in Te Puna Wānanga in a variety of courses.

Research | Current

I grew up with no knowledge of things Māori, the Treaty, accurate histories, and knowledge of being Pākehā. I went and learnt some of these things. I became a primary teacher to teach these things for twenty five years in mainstream and Māori pathways and consulted with secondary and ECE teachers.

My 2007 Masters findings confirmed that many other teachers knew only the inaccurate “standard story” of a colonial history of N.Z. and were monocultural.  I researched, designed and wrote a Curriculum Programme Resource (CPR) titled A critical guide to Māori and Pākehā histories for adults to read, to learn some accurate histories, Treaty, Māori and Pākehā knowledge.

The CPR is for mainstream and Māori pathways. Educational spaces can commit their staff and BOT to read the CPR (6 books) over a period of time such as 6 months or 2 years.

The 6 books have updated accurate and critical historical information from authoratative texts. The books cover the period from 50 BC – 2000s of Māori and Pākehā histories. The six book titles are Te ao Māori o Nehera, British Isles, Two worlds meet, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Pākehā repsonses, Māori responses. The books also specialise in the areas of unpacking Te Tiriti and Pākehā Culture.

The critical CPR does include knowledge of indigenous-settler politics and a critique of a “standard story” of N.Z. history. It does address current teacher knowledge gaps, and includes pedagogies to teach “controversial” topics to young, to talk about racism, sexism, class and colonisation. It does translate authoritative historical texts to a school level and includes indigenous and settler histories. It uses all three Treaty texts and an honouring the Treaty discourse. It is able to update a new migrant Muslim beginning teacher and an experienced Māori or Pākehā educators with little accurate history knowledge, Treaty or Māori knowledge. It assumes that this curriculum could be normal coverage for all students across the country. It does address the research concerns I identified in my Masters and the CPR does meet the various national Curriculum goals.

Once educators/BOTs have read the material the school and educators decide what and how they will teach, they design their own curriculum to teach from the updated information over time. The CPR is a practical PD tool to help schools/centres meet all their various Treaty obligations more effectively.

It is a beginners guide for all ethnicties to read about and potentially teach all ethnicities this nation’s updated histories in a more informed manner.


2018/2019 Writing with Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei a retell of their whole history in an app for children for the Ministry of Education.

Interview in 2018 Curriculum Matters. Accurate histories, critical curriculum: A conversation with Tamsin Hanly

By Georgina Stewart.Stewart, G. (2018). Accurate histories, critical curriculum: a conversation with Tamsin Hanly. Curriculum Matters, 14, 69-86. doi:10.18296/cm.0030

The CPR is discussed in section 3 in Multidimensional intersections The merging and emerging of complex European settler identities. By Robert Didham, Paul Callister and Geoff Chambers. in Mana Tangatarua Mixed Heritages Ethnic Identity and Biculturalism in Aotearoa/NZ Edited by Zarine. L. Rocha and Melinda Webber.2018

Interview on CPR in 2017 History Teacher Aotearoa Kaiako tāhuhu kōrero Vol 1, No. 4, March 2017.



Teaching | Current

2019  The CPR is operational in 80 schools and centres across NZ.

October 2019 Presentation at SocCon. A   N.Z. History Curriculum in Action. Auckland.

June 2019 Presentation at STEM/STEAM Conference Hawaii on the CPR.

March 2019 Presentation at Te Kāhui Ako o Kohanga Moa in Taranaki on a Treaty Curriculum in Action.

March 2019 Presentation at Te Pūtake o te Riri Hui at Awanuiārangi University Whakatane on NZ Land Wars in the Curriculum.

June 2018 Presentation at the ResearchEd Conference Working Out What Works. Auckland.

April 2018 Presentation at the New Zealand History Teacher’s Association Conference. Hamilton. Te Awhiorangi ki te Ao Marama. A new Aotearoa curriculum teaching all the warts and the Treaty in action.

April and September 2018/ 2019 Facilitation of a day course at Kōhia Teacher’s Centre Auckland x 3. A Treaty Curriculum in action.

November 2017 Presentation at the New Zealand History Association Conference Auckland. Where Histories Meet. A Tiriti Curriculum for educators.

September 2017 Presentation at Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change Conference. Albany Campus. Implementation of a critical decolonised Treaty Curriculum in N.Z. Schools.

July 2017 Presentation at Middle Teacher’s Conference on Building Capable Leaders. Christchurch.

May 2017 Public presentation for Wellington Library Wellington. A Treaty Curriculum in action.

May 2017 Public presentation for the Wellington Treaty Workers Wellington. A Treaty Curriculum in action.

March 2017 Presentation for the Tamaki Makau Rau Education Forum Auckland. A Treaty Curriculum in Action.

March 2017 Facilitation of a day course at Kōhia Teacher’s Centre Auckland x 3. A Treaty Curriculum in action.

February 2017 Presentation at AKA Tokerau Māori Principals Conference Paihia. A Treaty Curriculum in Education.

February 2017 Presentation at Pecha Kucha Maritime Museum Auckland on A critical guide to Māori & Pākehā histories.

2017- 2020 at University of Auckland

Lecturer Te Ao Māori 100 Te Orokohanga. History of Colonisation.

Lecturer EDPROFM600

Course Administrator and Lecturer. EDPROFST 100 Hāpai Akonga.

Lecturer. EDUC 360. Treaty politics in Education. University of Auckland.

Lecturer. EDPROFST 313. A Treaty Curriculum in Action for ECE.

Lecturer. EDPROFST 738. Masters Teach. A decolonised curriculum in action + 4 other lectures.

Lecturer. EDPROFST 601. Te Ao Māori. Teaching. Assignment 2 and my A Treaty Curriculum in Action. 

Lecturer. EDUC 114. Introduction to Maori and education. A Treaty Curriculum n Action Programme Resource.

Lecturer in Te Akoranga Kairangi course for 1 semester.

Lecturer. EDCURRIC 633 A Treaty Curriculum in Action. ECE.

Lecturer. EDCURRM 301. A Treaty Curriculum in action.


Masters with First Class Honours 2007

2017 Recipient of the Faculty of Education and Social Work Excellence Awards for Innovation in Teaching.


To do all my service and teaching my workload expects of me in the Māori and Indigenous Studies and the Faculty.

Areas of expertise

NZ histories.

Social Sciences

Māori Education

Pākehā Culture

Treaty Education

English as second literacy for Māori pathway students


Bicultural Education

Culturally Responsive Curriculum






Committees/Professional groups/Services

Curriculum Consultant for Māori television children's programme. 2005-2009.

Speaking Tour on a Culturally Responsive Curriculum in action.