Associate Professor Wayne Smith

PhD, MEd, DipPE, DipTchg


Wayne Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Physical Education, in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education. Wayne has been involved in teacher education for two decades and from 2002-09 was Head of Programme of the Faculty’s Bachelor of Physical Education. His research and teaching interests are in socially-critical pedagogy in physical education.

Other Positions held:

  • 2002 -2009 Head of Programme of Bachelor of Physical Education
  • 2003- 2010 External Monitor of Bethlehem Tertiary Institute’s Postgraduate Diploma of Teacher Education

Research | Current

  • The nature of the field of Physical Education
  • Physical Education teacher education
  • Skill acquisition and pedagogy involving social theories, in particular Bourdieuian theorizing, situated and complexity learning theories
  • Publications and presentations

Teaching | Current

  • EDCURRIC 133 Concepts Underpinning Skilled Movement
  • EDCURRIC 231 Physical Education Practice 3
  • EDCURRIC 236 Teaching Outdoor Education
  • Doctoral supervision

Postgraduate supervision


  • Stuart Deerness - PhD - A Challenge to Tradition: What can be achieved by better understanding teacher-habitus and teaching across-habitus?
  • Rod Philpot - PhD - An examination of students’ beliefs and understanding of physical education throughout a four year physical education teacher education (PETE) programme


  • Stuart Deerness - MEd - A little more than Kin: A Personal Reflection on Teaching Practice
  • Rod Philpot - MEd - A comparison of the beliefs about, and understanding of physical education of entering and graduating PETE students

Areas of expertise

  • Physical education curriculum and pedagogy
  • Physical education teacher education
  • Skill acquisition

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Gerdin, G., Philpot, R., & Smith, W. (2018). It is only an intervention, but it can sow very fertile seeds: Graduate physical education teachers’ interpretations of critical pedagogy. Sport, Education and Society, 23 (3), 203-215. 10.1080/13573322.2016.1174846
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Rod Philpot
  • McIntyre, J., Philpot, R., & SMITH, W. W. (2016). HPE teachers' understanding of socially critical pedagogy and the New Zealand Health and Physical Education curriculum. New Zealand Physical Educator, 49 (2), 5-9. Related URL.
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Rod Philpot
  • Smith, W. (2016). Fundamental movement skills and fundamental games skills are complementary pairs and should be taught in complementary ways at all stages of skill development. Sport, Education and Society, 21 (3), 431-442. 10.1080/13573322.2014.927757
  • lisahunter, emerald, E., & Smith, W. (2015). Continuing to work with, against, and beyond Bourdieu. In lisahunter, W. Smith, E. emerald (Eds.) Pierre Bourdieu and physical culture. London: Routledge.
  • Smith, W. (2015). Games education: A philosophy of teaching games in school HPE. ACHPER Active & Healthy Magazine, 22 (1), 24-30. Related URL.
  • Smith, W. (2015). Bourdieu, physical culture and universities. In lisahunter, W. Smith, E. emerald (Eds.) Pierre Bourdieu and physical culture (pp. 37-46). London, UK: Routledge.
  • lisahunter, Smith, W., & emerald, E. (Eds.) (2015). Pierre Bourdieu and physical culture. London: Routledge. Pages: 200.
  • Legge, M. F., & Smith, W. (2014). Teacher education and experiential learning: A visual ethnography. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 39 (12), 95-110. 10.14221/ajte.2014v39n12.7


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Level 5, Room 523
New Zealand

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