Associate Professor Anita Lacey

BA(Hons) (Monash), PhD (Monash)


  • Senior Lecturer in Political Studies,
  • MA Adviser

Dr Lacey coordinates the Stage I introductory course on International Relations (Politics 106: International Relations) and also teaches courses on global governance (Politics 763: Contemporary Global Governance), the dynamics of power and agency in the global politics of development (Politics 255/355: Global Politics of Development; and critical security studies (Politics 237/357: Security Studies). Dr Lacey is a contributing lecturer to Development 710 and Europe 100.

Research | Current

  • Postdevelopment debates and poverty reduction
  • Urban development programmes
  • Security and insecurities
  • Feminisms and feminist methodologies
  • International organisations and governance
  • Ideas and movements of resistance

In sum, my research focuses on the intersecting themes and issues of postdevelopment debates and poverty reduction; urban development programmes; security and insecurities; feminisms and feminist methodologies; international organisations and governance; and ideas and movements of resistance.  Importantly, I am interested in posing questions about and analysing how the global practices of international organisations and actors can be diverse in origin and form, have wide-ranging effects, and articulate with the practices and policies of communities, NGOs, international organisations and national governments. I am especially interested in modes of resistance. I am engaged with multidisciplinary inquiry, such as poststructural and postdevelopment theory, postcolonial and feminist development scholarship, and governmentality scholarship.

I am an active researcher in International Relations, specialising in the areas of global governance, feminist development, security and insecurity, and poverty and development.  My research focuses on the interplay between global and local dynamics of poverty and poverty reduction programmes and issues of urbanization in a new global aid regime. A current research and publication project examines ideas of security and development as they shape women’s experiences of livelihood security in informal settlements in the small to medium-sized urban environments of Windhoek, Honiara, Port Moresby and Gaborone. I am concurrently researching women's experiences of urbanisation and the raced and gendered politics of urbanisation and epidemics.  I am also co-investigating with Yvonne Underhill-Sem the gendered economies and politics of markets in the Pacific.  

Teaching | Current

POLITICS 106 International Relations

POLITICS 237 Critical Security Studies

POLITICS 355 Global Politics of Development

POLITICS 357 Critical Security Studies

POLITICS 763 Contemporary Global Governance

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Lacey is willing to supervise postgraduate students in the area of global politics and governance, development and poverty reduction, security, international organisations (UN, World Bank, IMF), global civil society, feminism and gender, and race and postcolonialism.

Dr Lacey’s graduate students have been awarded with the University of Auckland PhD and MA scholarships; BRCSS research scholarships; and NZAID research scholarships, as well as internships at the United Nations and overseas.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Lacey, A. (2017). Women, Urbanization and Sustainability Practices of Survival, Adaptation and Resistance. Palgrave Macmillan. Pages: 298.
  • Lacey, A., & Ilcan, S. (2015). Tourism for development and the new global aid regime. Global Social Policy, 15 (1), 40-60. 10.1177/1468018114523633