Dr Alys Megan Longley

BA - Double Major in Theatre Studies / Modern Literature and Film, University of Otago. Post Graduate Diploma, Dance Studies, University of Otago. MPHSE, Dance Studies, University of Otago. PhD, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia (Supervisor Elizabeth Dempster).


Alys Longley's research foci include practice-led research, performance writing, interdisciplinary projects, art and ecology, ethnography, narrative research, somatic education methods and inclusive dance education. Her key area of expertise is in the relationship between performance writing and artistic research.  Her key teaching/ supervision areas are in dance writing, practice-led research, interdisciplinary practice, embodied poetics and improvisation.  Recently, Alys has developed the works Mistranslation Laboratory (performed in Lisbon, Santiago, Wellington and Auckland) and Mapping Porous Borders/Mapeo de Bordes Porosos (performed in Auckland, NZ and Santiago Chile). Alys has recently published in  Text and Performance Quarterly (US); Choreographic Practices (UK); Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices (U.K), Symbolic Interactionism (U.S), Qualitative Inquiry (US), Emotion, Space, Society (UK), Writings on Dance (Australia), and HyperRhiz (US). Alys's books The Foreign Language of Motion (2014) and Radio Strainer (2016) are published by Winchester University Press (UK). Alys has recently co-edited Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping: Activating Imaginaries and Means of Knowing (2018) with Nancy Duxubry and Will Garret Petts, and  Undisciplining Dance (2018) with Associate Professor Carol Brown.


Research | Current

  • Interdisciplinary practice
  • Performance writing
  • Choreographic research
  • Practice-led research
  • Inclusive arts pedagogy
  • Art and ecology

Teaching | Current

In 2022 Alys is Course Director for Dance 101G - Introduction to Dance as Creative Practice;  Dance 107 Dance Histories and Contexts; and Dance 121 Dance Writing. She is supervising in the BDance St(Hons), Masters and PhD. She is currently working in Co-Supervisions with Elam School of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education, School of Environment,  School of Mathematics and Faculty of Arts- English, Writing and Drama Studies. 


Postgraduate supervision

Alys is currently supervising fourteen PhD projects, and has supervised three to completion. These projects cover research in 'dark materiality in choreographic practice', inclusive teaching practices in choreographic mentoring; economies of applied theatre; the role of gesture in mathematical learning; the role of creativity in urban wellbeing and somatic, sound-based and site-responsive choreographic practices. 

Alys is supervising two choreographic Masters Research projects.


2017 CLeaR Teaching Fellow 

NICAI Faculty Early Career Teaching Excellence Award, 2012


Post Graduate Advisor, Dance Studies

CAI Representative - University of Auckland General Education Board of Studies


Areas of expertise

Alys's areas of expertise include creative writing in practice-led research; inclusive dance education; poetic writing as research; improvisation; interdisciplinary practice; narrative research.

Recent Research Publications

Longley, A., Sturm, S., & Yoon, C. (2021). Kindness as water in the university. Knowledge Cultures, 9(3), 184-205.

Performance Paradigm 16: Performance and Radical Kindness, Edited by Emma Willis, Alys Longley and Victoria Wynne-Jones. https://www.performanceparadigm.net/index.php/journal, November 2021. 

Longley, A. (2021). The Other Country That You Are: A Performative Essay and Video Work exploring Radical Kindness in the Chilean Peoples Uprising of 2019. Performance Paradigm 16. pp. 199-217.   https://www.performanceparadigm.net/index.php/journal

Longley A, Fisher K, O’Connor G, Hutchinson J. (2021). Touching Outward: Art Making at the Seam Where Care Meets Risk, Journal of Embodied Research 4(1) 05 Feb 2021 

LONGLEY, A. (2021). Creasing and folding language in dance education researchPoetry, Method and Education Research, Fitzpatrick, E. and Fitzpatrick, K. (Eds). Routledge Press, U.K. 2020. https://www.routledge.com/Poetry-Method-and-Education-Research-Doing-Critical-Decolonising-and/Fitzpatrick-Fitzpatrick/p/book/9780367193881

Longley, A. (2020). Accelerating a Blaze of Very Tender Violence: 10 experiments in writing with performance and activism, in Affective Moments, Methods and Pedagogies, Stacy Holman Jones and Anne Harris (Eds). Routledge, 2020, pp. 60-82

Fitzpatrick, E. and LONGLEY, A. (2020).  Performative writing as a method of inquiry through intra-action with the material world: The Art of the Imperative. LEARNing Landscapes, Special Issue; The Role of Performances in Educational Practices, June 2020, U.S.A. https://www.learninglandscapes.ca/index.php/learnland/article/view/1007/1032

Committees/Professional groups/Services

Reviewer - Emotion, Space, Society

Reviewer - Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices

Reviewer- Journal of Artistic Research

Reviewer- Choreographic Practices

Sustainability Leadership Group - University of Auckland Curriculum Framework Transformation Project

CAI Academic Committee

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Duxbury, N., Garrett-Petts, W. F., & Longley, A. (2018). Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping Activating Imaginaries and Means of Knowing. Routledge. Pages: 320.
  • Brown, C., & Longley, A. (2018). Undisciplining Dance in Nine Movements and Eight Stumbles. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Pages: 295.
  • Brown, C., & Longley, A. (2018). Introduction: (Un)knowing dancing. In C. Brown, A. Longley (Eds.) Undisciplining dance in nine movements and eight stumbles (pp. ). Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Related URL.
  • Longley, A. Mistranslation laboratorySur Sur. Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile. 17/11/2017 - 2/12/2017
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/44675
  • Longley, A. (2017). I wanted to find you by inhabiting your tongue: Mistranslating between words and dance in choreographic practice. Choreographic Practices, 8 (1), 27-49. 10.1386/chor.8.1.27_1
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/44500
  • Longley, A. (2016). "Skeleton boat on an ocean of organs” and other stories: Understanding and evoking posthuman relations through site-based dance, somatic practices, performance writing and artist-books. Text and Performance Quarterly, 36 (4), 229-249. 10.1080/10462937.2016.1240827
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/32717
  • Longley, A. L. Y. S., & Duxbury, N. (2016). Introduction: Mapping cultural intangibles. City, culture and society, 7 (1), 1-7. 10.1016/j.ccs.2015.12.006
  • Longley, A. M. (2015). Radio strainer: part two of the kinesthetic archive (1st). Winchester, United Kingdom: Winchester University Press.

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