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PGCertAcadPrac, BSc, MA, PhD

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Senior Lecturer


Andrew Luxton-Reilly is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at The University of Auckland. He completed a BA and MA(Hons) in Philosophy, focusing on the philosophy of mind and language.  He also completed a BSc in Computer Science, and a PhD in the field of Computer Science Education.  He has worked in the Department of Computer Science since 1995.

Research | Current

Andrew conducts research in Computer Science Education, focused on techniques and technologies that support the development of learning communities.  He is also interested in research on how novice programmers can be most effectively supported in their learning, how to teach computing effectively at schools, game-based learning of computing concepts, how to teach debugging, automated assessment, and gender and diversity in Computer Science.

Teaching | Current

Andrew has primarily taught first year courses.  He has previously taught:

  • COMPSCI 101 -- Principles of Programming
  • COMPSCI 105 – Principles of Computer Science
  • COMPSCI 107 – Computer Science Fundamentals
  • COMPSCI 111 – Introduction to Practical Computing
  • COMPSCI 230 – Software development
  • SOFTENG 250 – Algorithms and Data Structures
  • COMPSCI 707, 747 – Computing Education

In 2017 Andrew is involved in teaching:

  • COMPSCI 107 – Computer Science Fundamentals
  • COMPSCI 705 / SOFTENG 702 - Advanced Human Computer Interaction
  • COMPSCI 747 – Computing Education

Postgraduate supervision

Current PhD Students

  • Sam Kavanagh (Enrolled 2014) - Evaluating the Effect of Virtual Reality Head-mounted Displays on Education.  Main Supervisor.
  • Md Athar Imtiaz (Enrolled 2016) – Digital ink for improving understanding of data structures and algorithms.  Co-supervisor.
  • Thomas Suselo (Enrolled 2016) – Using Sketching and Augmented Reality to Improve Understanding of Computer Science.  Co-supervisor
  • Tyne Crow (Enrolled 2017) - Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning to Program in the NZ Curriculum.

Completed PhD Students

  • Paul Schmeider (2014) - Reducing Screen Occlusions on Small Displays.  Co-supervised.
  • Safurah Abdul Jalil (2015) – Instructional strategies for the visual aesthetics of user interface design: incorporating game-based learning into a modular multi-structural approach.  Co-supervised.
  • Craig Sutherland (2016) - Exploring Ink Annotations in Changing Digital Documents.  Co-supervisor.
  • Marshima Rosli (2017) – A framework for assessing the quality of datasets.  Co-supervisor.

Completed MSc Students

  • Arthur Lewis – (2016) Comparing different peer assessment approaches.  Main Supervisor.
  • Nazish Khan – (2107) How do high school teachers respond to “computing for social good”. Main Supervisor.

Completed Part IV SE Projects

  • Sam Boychuk, (2012) – Cordis.  Visual Programming for Teaching Programming Languages.  Main supervisor.
  • Ceya Rao, Matthew Spencer (2012) -- Programming Automated Interaction with Web-Based Games as a Motivator for Computing Education.  Main Supervisor.
  • Kyungmo Peter Kang, Anneke Smitheram (2014) – Study Tracker: A Cross Platform Time Management Tool for Students.  Main Supervisor.
  • Yi Wang, Yubin Huang (2016) User interface for Interactive Collaborative Concept Maps. Main Supervisor.
  • Bojun Jin, Siyang Piao (2016) Creating an Aggregated Concept Map. Main Supervisor.
  • Manwoong Choi, Nam Jun Park (2016) Learning analytics application for ACP.  Co-supervisor
  • Suk Won Choi, Jeong Sik Kim (2016) Cross-platform tic-tac-toe with digital ink recognition.  Co-supervisor
  • Alexander Mercer, Patrick Poole (2016) TutorWiz – A Tutor Planning Tool.  Co-supervisor



1996   School of Mathematical and Information Sciences Director’s Award for Teaching Excellence

2003   University of Auckland Teaching Excellent Award (Sustained excellence in teaching)

2003   Nominated for NZ National Teaching Excellence Award

2008   ICER 08, John Henry Award

  • Denny, P., Hamer, J., Luxton-Reilly, A., & Purchase, H. (2008). PeerWise: Students sharing their multiple choice questions. In ICER'08 - Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on International Computing Education Research (pp. 51-58). Sydney, Australia. doi:10.1145/1404520.1404526

2010   ITiCSE, Best Working Group Report

  • Hamer, J., Purchase, H., Luxton-Reilly, A., & Sheard. J. (2010). Tools for "contributing student learning". In Proceedings of the 2010 ITiCSE working group reports (ITiCSE-WGR '10), Alison Clear and Lori Russell Dag (Eds.). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 1-14. DOI=http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1971681.1971683

2014   CLeaR Fellowship

2016   ITiCSE, Best Presentation

  • Luxton-Reilly, A. (2016).  Learning to Program is Easy. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 284-289. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2899415.2899432 

2017  ACE, Best Paper Award

  • Luxton-Reilly, A. and Petersen, A. (2017) The Compound Nature of Novice Programming Assessments. In Proceedings of the Nineteenth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE '17). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 26-35. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1145/3013499.3013500.


Areas of expertise

  • Computer Science Education

Committees/Professional groups/Services


  • Student Support Group (2003 – current) 
  • Academic Committee (2016 – current)
  • Executive Committee (2006-2009, 2016-current)
  • Program Leader (2016 – current)
  • Tutor Mentor and Administrator (2006 - 2014)


  • FoS Academic Committee (2016 – current)
  • FoS Equity Committee (2016- current)
  • FoS Learning and Teaching Innovation Group (2010 – 2012).


  • University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee (2012 – 2017)

Conference reviewing:

  • ACM Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education 2007-current 
  • ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education Symposium 2006-current 
  • Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction 2012

Conference programme committee:

  • Computer Science Education Research Conference (International) 2011 - current
  • International Computing Education Research (International) 2015 - current
  • Australasian Computing Education (International conference/Australasian) 2012 – current
  • Australasian Computer Science Week Doctoral Consortium (International/Australasian) 2016
  • Computer-Supported Peer Review in Education (International), in conjunction with EDM 2016
  • SIENZ'07 (Auckland, local conference) 2007

Conference session chair

  • Australasian Computing Education (International conference/Australasian) 2013
  • Australasian User Interface Conference (International conference/Australasian) 2016
  • ACM Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education 2016 (ERA A rank)

Journal reviewing

  • IEEE Transactions on Education 2010, 2015
  • IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 2015
  • Computer Science Education 2010-12
  • Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 2012
  • ACM Transactions on Computing Education 2012, 2015
  • BMC Medical Education 2013
  • Canadian Journal of Higher Education 2015
  • International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2013, 2014
  • MDPI Sustainability 2016

Journal editorial board

  • Associate Editor for ACM Transactions on Computing Education 2016 - current
  • ACM Inroads - Editorial Advisory Board 2015 - current
  • Co-editor of special issue of Computer Science Education 2012
  • Editorial Review Board for the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning 2010-current

SIGCSE Chapter Board Member

  • ACM SIGCSE Australasian Chapter – Board Member 2014-2015


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)


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Primary location

Level 5, Room 523
New Zealand

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