Dr Brendon Tatnell Blue

PhD in Geography (Auckland); BSc (Hons), Geography (Auckland); BSc, Geography and Psychology (Auckland)

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My research explores relationships between science and society as they play out in debates regarding the biophysical environment.

As people are increasingly responsible for changing the surface of the earth, it is important to understand not just how we are influencing it, but why we shape it in the ways that we do. My work investigates this question by examining how those who study the environment, particularly in river geomorphology and ecology, understand and negotiate the meaning of 'good' environmental condition.

For example, how has the idea of river 'health' changed over time as it has gone from a holistic notion to a set of measurable outcomes for river management? How do ideas of 'health' represent particular environmental ideals? Might rethinking the measures we use provide for more equitable and effective environmental management?

My latest research project, funded by the George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment, examines how a national predator eradication campaign is being negotiated and enacted.

Areas of expertise

Human-environmental relationships as expressed through environmental management and environmental science.

The production of scientific knowledge, its contextual nature and its ethical application.

The role of measurement practices in shaping social and environmental outcomes.

The interfaces and interactions between scientific evidence, politics and public policy.

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