Dr Brendon Tatnell Blue

PhD in Geography (Auckland); BSc (Hons), Geography (Auckland); BSc, Geography and Psychology (Auckland)

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I am a geographer who studies interactions between people and landscapes. As people increasingly change the earth it is important to understand not just how we are influencing contemporary landscapes, but why we interact with them in the ways that we do.

To that end, my research explores how our ideas about the world produce certain kinds of environmental change. I am particularly interested in how people understand and negotiate environmental restoration: how we decide which places need to be improved, what 'good' condition looks like, and how we go about achieving it.

My primary focus in the last few years has been on freshwater and riverine landscapes, building on my background in fluvial and coastal geomorphology. I have published on:

  • The geopolitical implications of what gets measured in river science
  • How ideals of river ‘health’ have been influenced by expectations that health be an objective and measurable condition
  • Geodiversity and the upper Yellow River
  • How river science might learn from mātauranga Māori and a growing rights for nature movement

My latest research project, funded by the George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment, gets me out of the water to examine a nationwide campaign to restore ecosystems through predator eradication in Aotearoa New Zealand.

I am open to supervising and co-supervising students interested in exploring critical perspectives on a range of environmental topics.

Postgraduate supervision

2018 Heather Paterson-Shallard Collaborative policy design for freshwater management: Developing the Proposed Waikato Regional Plan Change 1

Areas of expertise

Human-environmental relationships as expressed through environmental management and environmental science.

The production of scientific knowledge, its contextual nature and its ethical application.

The role of measurement practices in shaping social and environmental outcomes.

The interfaces and interactions between scientific evidence, politics and public policy.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)


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