Dr Benjamin Dickson

BSc(Hons) PhD Auck.


Dr Benjamin Dickson completed his BSc(Hons) in Medicinal Chemistry and PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Auckland. He took a position as a Research Fellow (Medicinal Chemistry) at the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre in 2014. His current research explores synthesis of novel drugs and prodrugs that interact specifically with the tumour microenvironment. He is an Affiliate Investigator in the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery.

Research | Current

Dr Dickson participates actively in projects developing hypoxia activated prodrugs of DNA targeting agents and DNA damage response (DDR) inhibitors. He is interested in expanding this focus to include novel DDR inhibitors and chemical probes to explore the interplay of DDR elements. He has noted the propensity for drug development projects to generate large amounts of information and is interested in exploring collaborations to develop systems for organisation and recall of this data and ensure it is available for the future.

His current research interests are:

  • Development and exploration of DNA damage response inhibitors
  • Development of hypoxia activated prodrugs
  • Development of chemical tools for exploration of untargeted DNA damage response elements
  • Development of tools to prevent information loss in large drug development projects

Areas of expertise

Medicinal Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Drug Design and Development

Hypoxia-activated Prodrugs


Committees/Professional groups/Services

University of Auckland:

  • Sub-professorial member - Staff Advisory Committee (2018-2021)

Professional Groups:

  • Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Insitute

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)


Contact details

Primary office location

M&HS BUILDING 504 - Bldg 504
Level 1, Room 130
New Zealand

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