Associate Professor Brian Desmond Palmer

MSc, PhD


Brian Palmer obtained his MSc and PhD degrees in Organic Chemistry from The University of Auckland, working with Prof. Con Cambie. Following postdoctoral research with Prof. Steve Ley at Imperial College, London, he joined the Centre in 1984 as a medicinal chemist. He is currently group leader of a collaborative project with the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (GATB), which seeks to develop novel, affordable drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis. He is an Associate Investigator in the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery at the University of Auckland.

Research interests

Research | Current

  • The design and synthesis of nitroheterocycles as antituberculosis agents.
  • The design and synthesis of novel thalidomide analogs as modulators of cytokine production, for use as anticancer agents.
  • Small molecule ATP-competitive kinase inhibitors as modulators of cell cycle checkpoint control.

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M&HS BUILDING 504 - Bldg 504
Level 1, Room 119
New Zealand