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Christa has worked as an educator, researcher, social worker, manager, and consultant in various contexts internationally. She has developed advanced skills in leadership, teaching, and research scholarship and substantial expertise in the fields of workforce development and chronic illness. She is actively involved in several practice-based research initiatives. As an applied researcher, she has significant experience in developing and maintaining effective networks with multiple stakeholders. Research on workforce development in the health and social services include the migrant professional workforce, with a particular focus on employees’ experiences of work and career wellness. Projects in the field of chronic illness build on expertise in HIV/AIDS, aged care, and health care delivery. She has conducted research and published widely on the creative utilisation of community-based sites and practice-based research strategies to enable research that makes a difference in practice. She has extensive experience as research supervisor and external examiner at universities internationally and act as reviewer and board member for various professional journals. 

Research | Current

Current projects focused on aspects of health and chronic illness in social services include:

  • African Child and Youth Health in the Context of Migration and Displacement 
  • Mental wellbeing of children
  • Effective social service provision at the intersect of local government, the not-for-profit and the private sector

Christa participated in a range of health and community-based research initiatives and has undertaken contracted government and commercial projects using mixed method, qualitative and quantitative strategies. The following is a selection of recently funded interdisciplinary and/or inter-university research projects:

  • An Evaluation of the MITEY approach to increasing mental wellbeing in Schools (funded by the John Kirwan Foundation) (2010-2021)
  • An action research partnership on ‘Building Capability, Capacity and Partnership’ in the Health and Social Care sector (funded by the Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Development Fund) (2017-2021)
  • An evaluation of the immersive reality experiences of young people living with a terminal illness (funded by the Starship Foundation and the Patience Project) (2018-2020)
  • African Child and Youth Health in the Context of Migration and Displacement (a WUN funded international project hosted by the University of Alberta) (2019-2020)
  • Hidden Voices: Exploring the health experiences of children who migrate (a WUN funded international project hosted by the University of Sheffield) (2018)
  • A formative evaluation of the Village Collective FUSION Mentoring Programme, a mentoring programme for rainbow youth (funded by the Ministry of Health and the Village Collective) (2018-19)
  • An exploration of the relationship between socioeconomic factors and fertility (funded by Heco Group holdings) (2018)
  • Formative assessment of the KidsCan ‘Vulnerable Children’’s pilot initiative (funded by KidsCan) (2018)
  • Effective client-focused dementia day programmes in the community: improving the quality of life for people living with dementia and their families (funded by Presbyterian Support Northern) (2016)

Postgraduate supervision

Christa has supervised to successful completion, research projects of Honours, Masters and Doctoral candidates in the social sciences on a wide range of topics and methodologies.

She currently acts as external examiner and/or moderator for Honours, Masters and Doctoral course work and research dissertations for different academic departments of a number of Universities internationally. Current Doctoral and Mssters supervisions include:

  • Misra, A. Leadership skills for Community Organisations
  • Sheward, R. NZ systems change leadership in practice
  • Ghasemi, M. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among Immigrants in New Zealand
  • Baskaran, V. In Sight and Mind: Virtual Inclusion Initiatives for Home or Hospital Bound (HHB) Children
  • Thompson, A. Health care providers working together with families of a child with an undiagnosed neurological disorder to access, interpret, and use health care information
  • Kew, C.  Addressing cultural competency for working with ethnic minorities in New Zealand.

Recently completed candidates include: 

  • Coffey, D. Early intervention wellbeing support in primary practice and community settings
  • Zhang, Wenli. Minimising gamling harm: lived experiences of Chinese casino players in New Zealand (2021)
  • O'Connor, B. Normalizing  legislated child protection policies in schools (2021)
  • Han, Y. The lived experiences of couples in culturally diverse relationships (2021)
  • Burke, A. Male victims of intimate partner violence (2020)
  • Urale-Baker, N. Pesepesega o le mavaega: Singing the farewell in Samoan funerals (2021)
  • Weld, N. Remaining on shaky ground: Exploring the concept of mental courage as perceived by older adults who survived the 2011 Christchurch earthquake (2018)
  • Antony L. Family reintegration experiences of young people after a positive youth development programme (2018)
  • Mathew, A. The relationships between adolescents’ perceptions of family communication and adolescents’ internal strengths in India (2019)
  • Smith, K. The impact and management of values in social work practice (2020)
  • Thakkar, H.  ‘When I am no longer alive’: Understanding the influence of State funded supports and natural supports on the aspirations and apprehensions of the parents of severely disabled young adults (2018)
  • Chinnery, S. The importance of ‘state of mind’ in fostering a secure base (2019)
  • Chubb, L. Creating Conversations: Using Community-Based Participatory Action Research to Develop a Platform for Sex Talk in Coast, Kenya (2018)
  • Davys, A. Interprofessional supervision: Mapping the interface between professional knowledge, practice imperatives and difference (2019)
  • Booysen, P. Counselling competency in NZ social work practice (2017)
  • Rankine, M. An Aotearoa/New Zealand perspective of supervision within community social service environments (2017)
  • Webster, M. Social work leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand (2017)

Areas of expertise

Research and teaching expertise focus on research methodologies, practice research, health and chronic illness and on workforce development in the social services.

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Fouche, C. B., & Chubb, L. A. (2020). Results to practice: Navigating complexities to create meaningful impact. In L. Joubert, M. Webber (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Practice Research (pp. ). Routledge. 10.4324/9780429199486
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Laura Chubb
  • Thompson, J., Fairbrother, H., Spencer, G., Curtis, P., Fouche, C., Hoare, K., ... Smith, M. (2019). Promoting the health of children and young people who migrate: reflections from four regional reviews. Global health promotion10.1177/1757975919888452
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Melody Smith
  • Urale, P. W. B., O'Brien MA, & Fouche, C. B. (2019). The relationship between ethnicity and fertility in New Zealand. KOTUITUI-NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES ONLINE, 14 (1), 80-94. 10.1080/1177083X.2018.1534746
  • Spencer, G., Smith, M., Thompson, J., Fairbrother, H., Hoare, K., Fouché C, & Curtis, P. (2018). Health experiences of children and young people who migrate – Opportunities for health education. Health Education Journal, 001789691878676-001789691878676. 10.1177/0017896918786767
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Melody Smith
  • Henrickson, M., & Fouché C (2017). Vulnerability and marginality in human services. London: Routledge. Pages: 166. 10.4324/9781315547855
  • Fouché CB, & Chubb, L. A. (2017). Action researchers encountering ethical review: a literature synthesis on challenges and strategies. Educational Action Research, 25 (1), 23-34. 10.1080/09650792.2015.1128956
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Laura Chubb
  • Fouché C, & Bartley, A. (2016). Teaching Data Analysis to the Data-Averse: A Framework for Educators. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 36 (1), 70-83. 10.1080/08841233.2016.1125231
  • Fouché C, Beddoe, L., Bartley, A., & Parkes, E. (2016). Are we ready for them? Overseas-qualified social workers' professional cultural transition. European Journal of Social Work, 19 (1), 106-119. 10.1080/13691457.2015.1022858
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Liz Beddoe, Allen Bartley

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