Dr Ciprian Doru Giurcaneanu

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I received my PhD degree (with commendation) from Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Finland, in 2001. From 1993 to 1997, I was a Junior Assistant at "Politehnica" University of Bucharest. In 1997 I joined TUT where I spent more than 14 years as a Researcher, Senior Researcher and Academy Research Fellow in the Department of Signal Processing. From January 2012 to June 2012 I was with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), and in July 2012 I joined the Department of Statistics, University of Auckland, where I am currently a Senior Lecturer (above the bar). My research is mainly focused on stochastic complexity and its applications.

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My list of publications can be found here.

Teaching | Current

2012: STATS150, STATS726

2013: STATS150, STATS390, STATS726

2014: STATS210, STATS726

2015: STATS210, STATS726

2016: STATS726

2017: STATS210, STATS726, STATS210 at SWU China

2018: STATS210, STATS210 at SWU China

Postgraduate supervision

2013: F.A. Abdul Saip (BScHons) - On the use of sequentially normalized maximum likelihood for selecting the order of autoregressions when the model parameters are estimated by forgetting factor least-squares algorithms

2014: S. Li (Research Msc) - Periodogram smoothing via cepstral analysis

2014: K. Furushima (MSc) - Methods for selecting the model when parametric complexity is infinite

2015: R. Vasundara (BScHons) - Performance analysis for a chaos-based CDMA system in wide-band channel

2016: C. Li (Research Msc) - Information theoretic criteria for least-squares trees

2016: Y. Yang (Research Msc) - Predictive modelling for the concentration of air pollutant PM2.5

2016: F.I. Adnan (BScHons) -  Detection of changes in depth of anesthesia by using bispectral index

2017: M. Parsons [MProfStud(Data Science)]

2018: M.A.M. Nasir (BScHons) - Spectral analysis of non-uniformly sampled data

2018 (anticipated): Y. Ding (MSc)

2018 (anticipated): S. Maanan (PhD) - Inferring the conditional independence graph for a multivariate autoregressive model via convex optimization

2019 (anticipated): F. Li - Analysis and prediction of high-dimensional time series




Board Member Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics

Areas of expertise

Time series, model selection, data compression, clustering

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New Zealand

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