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Research | Current

My current research focuses on the psychosocial impacts of living with aphasia and language processing in adults with aphasia, especially the production of verbs and sentences. I am particularly interested in the interface between linguistics, psycholinguistics and aphasia, as well as the development of theoretically motivated therapy methods for adults with aphasia.

New research projects aim to investigate

  • The differences between language processing and auditory processing after a stroke
  • Language difficulties in adolescents
  • The language of dementia

Current projects

  • Verb production in fluent aphasia: We know that verbs and sentences are problematic in aphasia (both fluent and nonfluent). Using the Argument Structure Complexity Hypothesis, this study investigated the linguistic and psycholinguistic bases for verb production deficits in fluent aphasia.
  • Measuring word frequency: For some time word frequency has been used as one of a range of reliable predictors of difficulty in evaluating lexical retrieval (in cases of word-finding difficulty). In order to better understand the usefulness of frequency as a measure, this study analysed a number of word frequency databases.

Teaching | Current

  • Language and "normal" ageing (SPCHSCI 711)
  • Neuroanatomy of speech and language (SPCHSCI 713)
  • Acquired communication disorders (SPCHSCI 723)
  • Topics in communication disorders in adults (SPCHSCI 736)
  • Language processing and cognitive psychology (PSYCH 201)
  • Psychology of acquired communication disorders (PSYCH 313)
  • Clinical educator to students in clinical practice

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Dickinson, J., Friary, P., & McCann, C. M. (2017). The influence of mindfulness meditation on communication and anxiety: A case study of a person with aphasia. Aphasiology, 31 (9), 1044-1058. 10.1080/02687038.2016.1234582
  • Kim, J.-H., Ballard, E., & McCann, C. (2017). Phonological Skills in Korean-English Bilingual Children: Phonetic Inventory and Segmental Accuracy. Clinical Archives of Communication Disorders, 2 (2), 142-162. 10.21849/cacd.2017.00087
  • Bier, S. D., Watson, C. I., & McCann, C. M. (2017). Dynamic measures of voice stability in young and old adults. Logoped Phoniatr Vocol, 42 (2), 51-61. 10.3109/14015439.2016.1156155
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Catherine Watson
  • Kim, J.-H., Ballard, E., & McCann, C. (2017). Age-related changes in segmental accuracy and error production in Korean-English bilingual children: implications for clinical speech sound assessment procedures. Speech, Language and Hearing, 1-14. 10.1080/2050571X.2017.1323700
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Elaine Ballard
  • Kim, J.-H., Ballard, E., & McCann, C. (2016). Error Analysis of Korean-English Bilingual Children’s Speech Productions. Clinical Archives of Communication Disorders, 1 (1), 11-29. 10.21849/cacd.2016.00052
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Elaine Ballard
  • Purdy, S., Wanigasekara, I., Cañete O, Moore, C., & McCann, C. (2016). Aphasia and Auditory Processing after Stroke through an International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Lens. Seminars in Hearing, 37 (03), 233-246. 10.1055/s-0036-1584408
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/30370
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Suzanne Purdy, Oscar Canete Sepulveda
  • Mendoza Lemire, A., Miles, A., & McCann, C. M. (2016). Changing clinical practice: Facilitators and barriers to the implementation of a nationwide videofluoroscopy evidence-based guideline. Speech, Language and Hearing, 19 (2), 69-78. 10.1080/2050571X.2015.1101893
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/29457
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Anna Miles
  • Brewer, K. M., McCann, C. M., & Harwood, M. L. N. (2016). The complexities of designing therapy for Māori living with stroke-related communication disorders. New Zealand Medical Journal, 129 (1435), 75-82. Related URL.
    URL: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/30110
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Karen Brewer, Matire Harwood


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