Dr Constanza Tolosa

EdD, MA Applied Linguistics, MA Education, BA


Dr Constanza Tolosa is a Senior Lecturer in Languages Education in the School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education.

Constanza has been a language educator in her native Colombia, in the United States, and in New Zealand. She has worked in pre-service and in-service teacher education, and held different administrative positions in languages and bilingual education before coming to New Zealand.

Research | Current

The focus of Constanza's research is learning and teaching of additional (foreign / international) languages. Her research interests include language learning / teaching, language teacher education, the integration of digital technologies to teaching and teacher education, and teachers’ beliefs and practices. Her current areas of research include the development of intercultural competencies through language education, pedagogical applications of digital technologies, and the use of communicative tasks in foreign language classrooms.

Current Projects

  • Communication tasks for effective learning in the foreign language classroom. Co-researcher with Rosemary Erlam.
  • Enhancing the intercultural capability of students of additional languages in New Zealand’s intermediate schools (TLRI funded project)

Recent Projects

  • Future-oriented teacher education and professional learning: Evolving and adapting pedagogies when teaching with mobile technologies (FRDF funded project)
  • Teachers’ and students’ perspectives on on-line languages programmes offered by the Virtual Learning Network Primary (ALLIS funded project)
  • Making learning visible through feedback via mobile technologies
  • On-line written peer feedback between foreign language school-aged beginners

Teaching | Current

  • EDCURSEC 692: Design for Learning (Languages Specialisation) (since 2014; recent name change)
  • EDCURSEC 691: Teaching Subject Specialism (Languages) (since 2009; recent name change)
  • EDCURRIC 700: Contemporary Pedagogies (2019)
  • EDPROFST 844: EdD - Learning in Digital Times

Postgraduate supervision


  • Doctoral supervision: Computer versus Pen-and-Paper Writing Tasks: Does the Medium Really Matter? - Maria Guapacha Chamorro
  • Doctoral supervision: The development of second language writing skills in a comprehensive foreign language curriculum in Colombia - Orlando Chaves
  • Doctoral supervision: Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL) model in the Pakistani context - Uzma Rana
  • Doctoral supervision: Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Languages in New Zealand universities - Pengfei Zhao
  • Doctoral supervision: Assessing second language learners’ intercultural competence in New Zealand context - Xi (April) Yun
  • Doctoral supervision: New Zealand Primary School Principals' Instructional Leadership - Rita Zhao

Completed (last two years)

  • Doctoral supervision: The nature and role of critical thinking in academic writing from a social-cognitive perspective - Santha Thanasingam (2019)
  • Doctoral supervision: Use of language tasks in tertiary English as an additional language in New Zealand and China: Teacher's beliefs and practices and students attitudes - Lingling Guan (2019)
  • Doctoral supervision: Addressing EFL teachers’ cognitions and practices about oral interaction through a professional development programme in Chile – Paloma Calderon (2018)
  • Doctoral supervision: Intercultural Communicative Competence in New Zealand teachers of Languages - Elba Ramirez (2018)

Research students interested in the following topics are invited to contact this supervisor:

  • (Foreign) Language teaching and learning
  • Use of technologies for learning and teaching languages
  • Teachers’ beliefs
  • Bilingual education
  • Language teacher education


University of Auckland International Doctoral Scholarship


Convenor EdD programme (2019-2020) Learning in a Digital Age

Associate Head of School: Postgraduate 2018 - 2019

Associate Head of School: Research 2015 - 2016

Areas of expertise

  • Language/s Education: teaching of additional languages in schools, teaching of English as a Second / Foreign Languages, bilingual education
  • Language Teacher Education
  • E-learning (in language education, in teacher education)
  • Teachers’ beliefs and practices

Committees/Professional groups/Services

  • Faculty of Education Postgraduate Committee member (since 2018)
  • Faculty of Education Research Committee member (2015-2016)
  • Faculty of Education Liberal Arts Committee member (since 2013)
  • Faculty of Education Postgraduate Advisor (2013-2015)
  • School of Curriculum and Pedagogy Research Committee member (2012-2014)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)


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