Dr Cervantee Wild

BHSc (Hons), BA, PhD Auckland


I am an interdisciplinary health services researcher interested in improving health services and systems for children, young people and their families. I work alongside clinicians in the intersection between clinical and public health to prioritise participant voices in service improvement and systems change. My research interests increasingly span the social and political determinants of health and health inequities.

I am an honorary research fellow with the Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth Health in the School of Medicine, and work closely with the Tamariki Pakari Child Health and Wellbeing Trust on studies on multidisciplinary obesity intervention and enabling fair and informed involvement in child health research. I am also involved in an ongoing study of healthcare workers’ experiences of PPE access during the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand as part of the PPE disinfection for potential reuse project.

I am currently based at the University of Oxford as a Girdlers' New Zealand Health Research Council Fellow, working on an NIHR-funded study on understanding Long Covid in families. I also work with Healthier Systems, a global health research consultancy working with organisations such as the World Health Organization and the World Bank.

Research | Current

Current Projects

Personal protective equipment (PPE) disinfection for potential reuse during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Prioritising child rights in the attaining and storage of health data

Health feedback for participants in Whānau Pakari: co-creating letters from a healthy lifestyle check

Me mahitahi tātou – implementation of the Healthy Lifestyle Check

Barriers and facilitators to engagement and participation in multi-disciplinary intervention programmes for weight issues

Whānau Pakari, a multi-disciplinary intervention programme for children and adolescents with weight issues


Recent Publications

Wild CEK, Wynter LE, Triggs CM, Derraik JGB, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. Five-year follow-up of a family-based multidisciplinary program for children with obesity. Obesity, 2021. Doi: https://doi.org/10.1002/oby.23225 

Wild CEK, Rawiri NT, Cormack DM, Willing EJ, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. (2021). Health system barriers to accessing care for children with weight issues in New Zealand: An interview-based study. Journal of Health Services Research and Policy. OnlineFirst, https://doi.org/10.1177/13558196211016011

Shao R, Feil C, Wild CEK, Morschel K, Bonyani A, Smith RW, Kailas T, Leventhal O, Alsoud Y, Hatefi A, Varghese C, Zhang Y, Rosseau N, Waqanivalu T, Xu H, Mikkelsen B, Allen LN. (2021). Assessing the characteristics of 110 low- and middle-income countries' noncommunicable disease national action plans. International Journal of Noncommunicable Diseases. 6(2):56-71. https://doi.org/10.4103/jncd.jncd_35_21 

Karalus MA, Sullivan TA, Wild CEK, Cave TL, O’Sullivan NA, Hofman PL, Edwards EA, Mouat S, Wong W, Anderson YC. The cost of investigating weight-related comorbidities in children and adolescents in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, Early View 2021. https://doi.org/10.1111/jpc.15618 

Anderson YC, Wild CEK, Hofman PL, Gibson TL, Domett T, Derraik JGB, Taiapa KG, Cutfield WS, Grant CC, Willing, E. Participants’ and caregivers’ experiences of a multidisciplinary programme for healthy lifestyle change in Aotearoa/New Zealand: a qualitative, focus group study. BMJ Open 2021;11:e043516. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2020-043516 

Wild CEK, Cave TL, Willing EJ, Derraik JGB, Grant CC, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. Correspondence: systematic reviews do not always capture context of real-world intervention programmes for childhood obesity (response to Littlewood, et al., 2020 in BMC Public Health). BMC Public Health 21, 501 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12889-021-10486-5 

Wild CEK, Rawiri NT, Cormack DM, Willing EJ, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. (2021). A collaborative Indigenous–non-Indigenous partnership approach to understanding participant experiences of a community-based healthy lifestyles program. Qualitative Health Research. In Press, https://doi.org/10.1177/1049732321998640 

Wild CEK, Rawiri NT, Willing EJ, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. (2020). What affects programme engagement for Māori families? A qualitative study of a family-based, multidisciplinary healthy lifestyle programme for children and adolescents. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. In Press, https://doi.org/10.1111/jpc.15309 

Cave TL, Wynter LE, Wild CEK, Derraik JGB, Willing EJ, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. (2020). Uptake and outcome of a community-based healthy lifestyle intervention for pre-schoolers identifi­ed with obesity: an audit of the Whānau Pakari preschool programme. New Zealand Medical Journal, 133(1524): 135-139.

Wild CEK, Rawiri NT, Willing EJ, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. (2020). Challenges of healthy lifestyle change for families in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Public Health Nutrition, 24(7), 1906-1915. https://doi.org/10.1017/S1368980020003699 

Wild CEK, Rawiri NT, Willing EJ, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. (2020). Determining barriers and facilitators to engagement for families in a family-based multicomponent healthy lifestyles intervention for children and adolescents: a qualitative study. BMJ Open, 10:e037152. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2020-037152

Anderson YC, Wynter LE, O’Sullivan NA, Wild CEK, Grant CC, Cave TL, Derraik JGB, Hofman PL. (2020). Two-year outcomes of Whānau Pakari, a multi-disciplinary assessment and intervention for children and adolescents with weight issues: A randomized clinical trial. Pediatric Obesity, e12693. https://doi.org/10.1111/ijpo.12693

Wild CEK, O’Sullivan NA, Lee AC, Cave TL, Willing EJ, Cormack DM, Hofman PL, Anderson YC. (2020). Survey of Barriers and Facilitators to Engagement in a Multidisciplinary Healthy Lifestyles Program for Children. Journal of Nutrition, Education and Behavior, 52(5). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jneb.2019.10.010

Postgraduate supervision

I am open to supervising or co-supervising honours and masters postgraduate students and advising doctoral students.


Girdlers’ New Zealand Health Research Council Fellowship, 2021

Agnes Paykel Doctoral Scholarship, 2017

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Wild, C. E., Rawiri, N. T., Willing, E. J., Hofman, P. L., & Anderson, Y. C. (2020). Determining barriers and facilitators to engagement for families in a family-based, multicomponent healthy lifestyles intervention for children and adolescents: a qualitative study. BMJ open, 10 (9)10.1136/bmjopen-2020-037152
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Paul Hofman, Yvonne Anderson

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