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  • Journal articles

31. Cumin D, Baker PA, Anderson BJ: Incidence of post-induction hypoxemia in children and the effect of induction gas composition. Pediatric Anesthesia 2021. Link

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1. Cumin D, Merry AF: Simulators for use in anaesthesia. Anaesthesia 2007. Link


  • Software / Data

5. Cumin DVianto: a video annotation tool.

A Java-based video annotation/coding tool with GUI to mark video for analysis or replay. Built with VLCj and packaged to run without the need to install VLC.

4. Cumin DAnaesthetic Shoulder Arthroscopy Cases (ASAC) Dataset.

A database of 20 anaesthetic records collected including patient data, time-stamped medical events/interventions, and physiologic data collceted at 0.2Hz. Formatted as XML files and published.

3. Cumin D: Various MATLAB functions

Contributed functions to find the longest common subsequence, plot Bland-Altman figures, complete a triangular matrix, run CellML models, and estimate parameters of a CellML model.

2. Harrison MJ, Cumin DPhysiological changes during anaesthesia for surgery with potential for moderate blood loss Dataset.

A database of 14 intra-operative records collected including patient data, time-stamped medical events/interventions, and physiologic data collceted at 0.1Hz. Formatted as XML files and published.

1. Cumin DCellML model for PhD: human cardiopulmonary physiology from cell to system.

This model integrates a sinoatrial node model, a ventricular model, lumped parameter compartment circularoty model, simple lung model, and a gas exchange model. Coded in CellML and published as part of a PhD thesis.


  • Patents

2. Kuriger DR, Cumin D, Rapoport DM, Nightingale CE, Wannigama S, Arrowsmith MJ, Kapelevich V: System, apparatus and methods for supplying gases. Patent PCT/NZ2013/000014 2014.

1. Cumin D, Greig N, Sholton E, Beck R: Drug Dose Measurement Device and Method. NZ Patent No. 597908 (Provisional) 2012

Research | Current

  • Medical simulation for research into human factors and product design
  • Medical data mining and time-series analysis
    • Anaesthetic records
    • Analysis of historic research data using rats (physiology for circadian analysis)
    • Pharmacy intervention databases
  • Physiological modelling
    • Biophysical models (CellML)
    • Adaptive models using real data for training and validation
  • Medical simulation for education



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