Professor Des Francis Gorman

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Sames, C., Gorman, D. F., Mitchell, S. J., & Zhou, L. (2018). Long-term changes in spirometry in occupational divers: a 10-25 year audit. Diving and hyperbaric medicine, 48 (1), 10-16. 10.28920/dhm48.1.10-16
  • Gorman, D., & Kashner, T. M. (2017). Medical Graduates, Truthful and Useful Analytics With Big Data, and the Art of Persuasion. Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges10.1097/acm.0000000000002109
  • Gorman, D. (2017). Seven steps to redistributing doctors to meet health needs better. Internal medicine journal, 47 (8), 845-847. 10.1111/imj.13499
  • Gorman, D. (2017). Matching the production of doctors with national needs. Medical education10.1111/medu.13369
  • Hay, M., Mercer, A. M., Lichtwark, I., Tran, S., Hodgson, W. C., Aretz, H. T., ... Gorman, D. (2017). Selecting for a sustainable workforce to meet the future healthcare needs of rural communities in Australia. Advances in health sciences education : theory and practice, 22 (2), 533-551. 10.1007/s10459-016-9727-0
  • Gorman, D. (2017). Medical colleges: whose purpose, if any, do they serve?. Internal medicine journal, 47 (3), 245-247. 10.1111/imj.13355
  • Sames, C., Gorman, D., Mitchell, S., & Sandiford, P. (2016). An evidence-based system for health surveillance of occupational divers. Internal Medicine Journal, 46 (10), 1146-1152. 10.1111/imj.13204
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Simon Mitchell
  • Gorman, D. (2016). On the relative utility of specialist-specialists and generalist-specialists. Internal medicine journal, 46 (2), 138-140. 10.1111/imj.12973