Professor Derek Hodson


Derek has 40 years experience in science education: 10 years in secondary schools in the UK, 8 in pre-service teacher education at the University of Manchester, 5 at The University of Auckland and 17 at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education as Professor of Science Education, retiring in June 2008.

On retirement, Derek was appointed Professor of Science Education at The University of Auckland. He was Director of the Centre for Studies in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at OISE (1998-2006) and Founding Editor of the Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (2001-2007).

Derek’s major research interests include history, philosophy and sociology of science and its implications for science education; STSE education and the politicization of science education; science curriculum history; multicultural and antiracist education; and science teacher education via action research.

Most recently published books

  • Towards Scientific Literacy: A Teachers’ Guide to the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science (Sense Publishers, 2008)
  • Teaching and Learning About Science: Language, Theories, Methods, History, Traditions and Values (Sense Publishers, 2009)
  • Looking to the Future: Building a Curriculum for Social Activism (Sense Publishers, 2011).

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Hodson, D. (2018). Science curriculum change in Victorian England: A case study of the science of common things. International Perspectives in Curriculum History (pp. 139-178). 10.4324/9780429454523-7
  • Hodson, D., & Wong, S. L. (2017). Going Beyond the Consensus View: Broadening and Enriching the Scope of NOS-Oriented Curricula. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 17 (1), 3-17. 10.1080/14926156.2016.1271919
  • Hodson, D. (2016). Making the case for case studies Teaching the nature of science: perspectives& resources. STUDIES IN SCIENCE EDUCATION, 52 (1), 67-81. 10.1080/03057267.2014.952149
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