Associate Professor Denis Scott Loiselle

MSc Alta., PhD Dal., DipPhEd Otago


Associate Professor Loiselle completed a PhD at Dalhousie University prior to a five-year stint in the laboratory of Professor Colin Gibbs at Monash University. He joined the Department of Physiology in 1982 and is a foundation member of the Auckland Bioengineering Instutute. His interest is in the thermodynamics of muscle contraction.

Research | Current

Our research comprises the design and execution of experiments to test hypotheses concerning the mechano-energetics of cardiac muscle in both the healthy state and during various forms of heart failure. We have developed technology to measure the rate of oxygen consumption of isolated, working, whole-hearts as well as the rate of heat production of isolated tissues undergoing realistic work loops, the common metric being mechanical efficiency: the ratio of macroscopic work output to metabolic energy expenditure.

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Teaching | Current

MEDSCI 142: Respiratory Physiology

MBChB 221: Respiratory Physiology

MEDSCI 309: Biophysics of Muscle Contraction

MEDSCI 725: Experimental Design

Postgraduate supervision

Principal Supervisor: Mr  Toan Pham (PhD Candidate)

Co-supervisor: Ms Parisa Koutsifeli

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Auckland Bioengineering Institute

Level 5, Room 439-525

70 Symonds St

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M&HS BUILDING 503 - Bldg 503
Level 4, Room 401
New Zealand

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