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I am a member of the Faculty Research Committee. My research focus is on Property Economics and Housing Issues. I have developed the Spatial Portfolio Theory and the Retail Tenant Mix Model. By profession, I am a Chartered Surveyor (a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors), and was the elected candidate representing the Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape Functional Constituency in the Hong Kong Legislative Council in 2016. Before joining the Legislative Council, I was one of the Associate Directors of the Institute of Future Cities, and the Associate Professor of the Department of Geography and Resource Management, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Research | Current

  • Housing Policy
  • Housing Price Indices
  • Housing Affordability and Housing Pathways
  • Residential Location Choice and Spatial Portfolio Theory
  • Retail Tenant Mix Model

Recent Research Outputs:

  1. Cheung, K.S., Wong, S.K., Wu, H. & Yiu, C.Y. (2021 accepted) The Nature of Land Governance: Choices between Regulatory versus Voluntary Governance, Urban Land Policy (A)
  2. Yiu, C.Y.  & Cheung, K.S. (2021) A Quality-Adjusted Repeat-Sales House Prices Index, International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 1753-8270, (B)
  3. Cheung, K.S., Yiu, C.Y. & Xiong, C. (2021) Housing Market in the Time of Pandemic: A Price Gradient Analysis from the COVID-19 Epicentre in China, Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 14(3), 108. (B)
  4. Cheung, K.S., Wong, S.K., Chau, K.W. & Yiu, C.Y. (2021) The Misallocation Problem of Subsidized Housing: A Lesson from Hong Kong, Sustainability, 13(4), 1855. (non-ABDC, IF=2.576)

Teaching | Current

PROP 103 - Property Analytics

PROP 261 - Property Economics

PROP 384 - Property Technologies and Analytics

PROP 786 - Money, Land and Housing

Postgraduate supervision

I am currently main supervisor for 1 PhD


B.Sc. (Hons) in Surveying (University of Hong Kong)

MPhil (University of Hong Kong)

Ph.D. (University of Hong Kong)


Member of Faculty Research Committee

Areas of expertise

Quantitative Research

Housing Affordability 

Retail Tenant Mix

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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  • Leung, K. M., Yiu, C. Y., & Lai, K.-K. (2020). Responsiveness of sub-divided unit tenants' housing consumption to income: a study of Hong Kong informal housing. HOUSING STUDIES10.1080/02673037.2020.1803799
  • Castro Campos, B., Liao, K.-H., & Yiu, E. C. Y. (2018). The Displacement Risks and Impacts of Hong Kong’s Nonindigenous Villagers: A Grounded Theory Analysis. Urban Affairs Review, 107808741876660-107808741876660. 10.1177/1078087418766607
  • Castro Campos, B., Yiu, C. Y., Shen, J., Liao, K. H., & Maing, M. (2016). The anticipated housing pathways to homeownership of young people in Hong Kong. International Journal of Housing Policy, 16 (2), 223-242. 10.1080/14616718.2015.1130605
  • Wong, J. C. K., Lee, Y., Lo, Y. T., Wong, K. W., Leung, A. Y. T., Fok, W. K., ... Yiu, C. Y. E. (2014). The correlation between the noise and vibration induced by a bridge movement joint. The Baltic Journal of Road and Bridge Engineering, 9 (2), 208-214. 10.3846/bjrbe.2014.26
  • Wong, S. K., Yiu, C. Y., & Chau, K. W. (2013). Trading Volume-Induced Spatial Autocorrelation in Real Estate Prices. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 46 (4), 596-608. 10.1007/s11146-012-9375-y
  • Wong, S. K., Yiu, C. Y., & Chau, K. W. (2012). Liquidity and Information Asymmetry in the Real Estate Market. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 45 (1), 49-62. 10.1007/s11146-011-9326-z
  • Yim Yiu, C., & Xu, S. Y. S. (2012). A tenant‐mix model for shopping malls. European Journal of Marketing, 46 (3/4), 524-541. 10.1108/03090561211202594
  • Yiu, E. C. Y., & Xu, S. Y. S. (2012). The Changing Nature of Household Demand and Housing Market Trends in China. Challenges of the Housing Economy: An International Perspective (pp. 90-107). 10.1002/9781118280829.ch5

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