Professor Eileen McLaughlin

PhD (Bristol), BSc Hons (Glasgow), Grad Cert Tertiary Education (Newcastle NSW)

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The McLaughlin laboratory focusses on assisted reproduction, environmental toxicology and developmental biology. We have published over 130 research articles, and have obtained more than $32 million in competitive grant funding since 2001. Our work in parental and prenatal exposure to environmental toxicants has received significant public attention – most recently the studies of maternal smoking on male offspring reproductive health were profiled in TIME magazine.

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Work in the McLaughlin laboratory is internationally recognised for expertise in assisted reproduction, environmental toxicology and developmental biology. 

Teaching | Current

BIOSCI 758: Development, Differentiation and Disease

BIOSCI 107: Biology for Biomedical Science: Cellular Processes and Development

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Doctoral Candidates

Nicole Camlin


Environmental consequences on oocyte competency


Janet Holt

Kate Redgrove



Emma Lee Ford


Primordial Follicle Activation in Premature Ovarian Failure: Understanding and Managing Fertility


Jessie Sutherland



Bettina Mihalas


Oxidation stress with age


Brett Nixon

Kate Redgrove



Emily Bryan


Chlamydial infection in males


Ken Beagley (QUT)



2018 Society for Reprooductive Biology Founders Medal and Oration


British Andrology Society Setchell Medallist


Society for Reproductive Biology Fellow


RCRH Award for Excellence in Reproductive Biology Research


British Fertility Society FSA Award for Best Young Scientist


The Wellcome Trust Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine


Oct 2017           Irish Research Council International Scientific Advisory Panel

Jan 2016 -         Australian Research Council CoE Grant Review Panel

Jan 2015 -         National Health & Medical Research Council Grant Review Panel

Areas of expertise

Reproductive and Developmental Biology

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Positions in Learned Societies

Society for the Study of Reproduction USA Programme Organising Committee (2015-present)

Society for Reproductive Biology  President (2012-2015) Chair New Investigator Award Committee / Programme Committee (2004-2007) Council member (2008-2015) Chair of Programme Organising Committee (2009-2012) World Congress Reproductive Biology Cairns (2011) POC member

Journal of Reproduction & Fertility  Director Council of Management (1997-00) Grants Committee (1998-00)

British Andrology Society Chairman (1997-00) Education Chairman (1995-7)

British Fertility Society Committee member (1997-00)

Association of Clinical Embryologists Executive committee (1999-01)

National Gamete Donation Trust Advisory Council Member (1998-00)

Society for Low Temperature Biology Meetings Secretary (1995-7) Conference Organiser - AGM Bristol 1998

Clinical Pathology Accreditation Ltd Specialist Advisory Council for Genetics (1997-00) Inspector (1997-00)

UKNEQAS for Andrology Steering Committee Member (1996-00)

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Walters, J. L. H., De Iuliis, G. N., Dun, M. D., Aitken, R. J., McLaughlin, E. A., Nixon, B., & Bromfield, E. G. (2018). Pharmacological inhibition of arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase protects human spermatozoa against oxidative stress. Biology of reproduction, 98 (6), 784-794. 10.1093/biolre/ioy058
  • Sutherland, J. M., Sobinoff, A. P., Fraser, B. A., Redgrove, K. A., Siddall, N. A., Koopman, P., ... McLaughlin, E. A. (2018). RNA binding protein Musashi-2 regulates PIWIL1 and TBX1 in mouse spermatogenesis. Journal of cellular physiology, 233 (4), 3262-3273. 10.1002/jcp.26168
  • Micati, D. J., Hime, G. R., McLaughlin, E. A., Abud, H. E., & Loveland, K. L. (2018). Differential expression profiles of conserved Snail transcription factors in the mouse testis. Andrology, 6 (2), 362-373. 10.1111/andr.12465
  • Saeidi, S., Shapouri, F., de Iongh, R. U., Casagranda, F., Sutherland, J. M., Western, P. S., ... Hime, G. R. (2018). Esrp1 is a marker of mouse fetal germ cells and differentially expressed during spermatogenesis. PloS one, 13 (1)10.1371/journal.pone.0190925
  • Fuller, E. A., Sominsky, L., Sutherland, J. M., Redgrove, K. A., Harms, L., McLaughlin, E. A., & Hodgson, D. M. (2017). Neonatal immune activation depletes the ovarian follicle reserve and alters ovarian acute inflammatory mediators in neonatal rats. Biology of reproduction, 97 (5), 719-730. 10.1093/biolre/iox123
  • Zhou, W., Anderson, A. L., Turner, A. P., De Iuliis, G. N., McCluskey, A., McLaughlin, E. A., & Nixon, B. (2017). Characterization of a novel role for the dynamin mechanoenzymes in the regulation of human sperm acrosomal exocytosis. Molecular human reproduction, 23 (10), 657-673. 10.1093/molehr/gax044
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Adrian Turner
  • Sominsky, L., Hodgson, D. M., McLaughlin, E. A., Smith, R., Wall, H. M., & Spencer, S. J. (2017). Linking stress and infertility: A novel role for ghrelin. Endocrine Reviews, 38 (5), 432-467. 10.1210/er.2016-1133
  • Hall, S. E., Upton, R. M. O., McLaughlin, E. A., & Sutherland, J. M. (2017). Phosphoinositide 3-kinase/protein kinase B (PI3K/AKT) and Janus kinase/signal transducer and activator of transcription (JAK/STAT) follicular signalling is conserved in the mare ovary. Reproduction, fertility, and development10.1071/rd17024


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Level G, Room G30
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