Eri Sasaki

BSc, MSc

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy


I am a PhD Candidate supervised by Professor Nickola Overall in the REACH Lab. I completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences and Master of Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore.

Research | Current

My research focuses on understanding the dyadic patterns and interpersonal processes that emerge between relationship partners, and how both partners can influence each other to determine relationship outcomes. For example, do both partners need to act in pro-relationship ways to sustain a relationship, can one partner's vulnerabilities drag the other down, or can one partner act as a strong link to buffer the other's vulnerabilities?

Teaching | Current

Graduate Teaching Assistant for PSYCH 311 (Advanced Topics in Social Psychology)

Areas of expertise

Social Psychology, Close Relationships, Conflict, Attachment, Emotion Regulation, Responsiveness, Dyadic Data, Positive Emotions 

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SCIENCE CENTRE 301 - Bldg 301
Level 2, Room 235
New Zealand

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