Dr Guy Warman

PhD (1999), MSc (hons) (1995), BSc (1993)


As of 2 March 2020 our department has relocated to Building 507, Park Road, Grafton


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Anaesthesiology and am Deputy Head of Department.

My research interest is in chronobiology and the interplay between anaesthesia and the circadian clock.  

I direct and teach two postgraduate papers in our department: 

MEDSCI718 The Pharmacology of Anaesthetics and Analgesics (semester one) and

MEDSCI738 Biological Clocks (semester two)

Together with my colleagues, Dr Cheeseman in particular,  I have developed a "Chronobiology Research Group" in the Department of Anaesthesiology at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Our basic research is focussed on the investigation of the control of circadian rhythms and the similarities between sleep and anaesthesia using invertebrate and vertebrate models. Our applied research focuses on human circadian rhythms and sleep in the hospital environment, and the influence time of day has on drug action.  The findings from our basic research underpin and direct our applied work in-hospital.

I have 50 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and an  h-index of 20.  Our work has been supported by a number of research grants including the RSNZ's Marsden Fund, The Health Research Council of New Zealand and the Office of Naval Research (USA).  

We have active and productive collaborative links internationally with Professor Randolf Menzel at the Free University of Berlin and Professor Shin Yamazaki at the University of Texas, SouthWestern Medical Center in Dallas.  

We have interdisciplinary collaborations within the University of Auckland with researchers in the School of Medicine the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and in the Faculty of Science.

I have supervised a  total of 32 post-graduate research students (PhD, masters and honours students) and 16 summer students on chronobiology topics.

For details of current research projects available in the Chronobiology Group please email me or visit:


Prior to my appointment at the University of Auckland as lecturer in 2005 I was a research fellow at Green Lane Hospital, before that I was a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Chronobiology University of Surrey, U.K. working with Professor Jospephine Arendt and her group.  

Teaching | Current

MEDSCI 718- The Pharmacology of Anaesthetics and Analgesics (Course Director and Lecturer)

MEDSCI 738 - Biological Clocks (Course Director and Lecturer)

Quality and Safety - Lecturer and Facilitator

Postgraduate supervision

Current Students

Janelle Chong (MSc)                  - main supervisor

James Kim (MSc)                       - co-supervisor

Pramuk Kerthisinghe (PhD)        - co-supervisor

Leah Rolland (MSc)                   - co-supervisor

Victoria King (PhD)                     - advisor


Past Students (main supervisor, co-supervisor or advisor)


2017-2018       Matt Hayward (MSc)     Effect of insecticides on honey bees 

2016-2018       Lucia Du          (PhD)      Shedding light on the circadian clock regulation of innate immunity          

2016-2017       Qurinio Shin    (BMedSci hons) A bright light intervention for sleep and circadian disruptions following general anaesthesia       

2015-2019       Alma Orst-Sebastian  (PhD)      The effect of anaesthesia on murine circadian rhythms       

2015-2016       Joshua Paul     (MSc)     The effect of anaesthesia on learning and memory in honey bees  

2014-2019       Dongni Li         (PhD)      The effect of GA on D. melanogaster

2014-2018       Jia Zhao           (PhD)      The development of clocks during the Drosophila lifcycle   

2013-2014       Yoon Choi        (MSc)     The effect of melatonin on the relationship between sleep, pain perception and mood: An observational study  

2013-2017       Nicola Ludin    (PhD)      Effects of general anaesthesia on the circadian clock           

2013-2014       Tessa Popay    (BSc (hons))       Characterising the effects of anaesthesia on circadian behaviour and clock gene expression in Drosophila     

2012-2013       Kerry de Villiers          (MSc)     Sleep and circadian rhythm disruption in patients undergoing laparoscopic donor nephrectomy           

2012-2013       Andrea Pillay   (MSc)     The underlying mechanisms causing daily variation in the action of the neuromuscular blocker rocuronium           

2011-2012       Nicola Ludin    (MSc) Mechanisms by which anaesthesia affects the circadian clock in the honey bee    

2011-2012       Catherine Davis           (MSc)     The clock control of tidal movements in estuarine fishes    

2008-2014       Anisoara Jardim          (PhD)      The effects of interventional light exposure on sleep-wake cycles in a post-operative cardiac population.   

2008-2012       Eva Winnebeck           (PhD)      The effect of general anaesthesia on the circadian clock of the honey bee Apis mellifera

2007-2011       Amanda Potts (PhD)    Dexmedetomidine in paediatric anaesthesia

2010                Rebecca Norris            (BSc (hons))    Can carbon dioxide affect honeybee colony behaviour?      

2010                 Lisa Fendall     (BSc (hons))  Investigating social synchronization of time sense in the honeybee using anaesthesia as a tool.  

2009-2010       Sarah Milton   (MSc)      The interactions between sleep, general anaesthesia and the circadian clock in the honeybee, Apis mellifera    

2007-2008       Anisoara Jardim          (MSc)    The effects of hospitalisation anaesthesia and surgery on sleep/wake cycles and the circadian clock       

2007-2008       Yasamin Al-Tiay          (MSc) Validation of the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic drug models in a full scale anaesthetic simulator.    

2006                 Jacqueline Hannam    (BSc (hons))       The incidence of residual neuromuscular blockade after relaxant general anaesthesia.    

2006-2007       Amanda Potts (MSc) Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of alpha2-adrenoceptor agonists in children undergoing cardiac surgery   

2003-2007       James Cheeseman      (PhD)  Implications of circadian biology for anaesthesia    

2004-2005       Hanie Amir-Shahpari  (MSc) Determinants of coagulation during cardiopulmonary bypass

199-2003        Hayley Tripp (PhD) University of Surrey, U.K.


2018 British Medical Association Book of the Year Award for "Oxford textbook of Sleep Disorders" to which I contributed a chapter

University of Auckland Teaching Excellence Award

Honorary Research Fellow ADHB

University of Surrey Scholar in Neurobiology


Deputy Head of Department, Anaesthesiology

Senior Lecturer, Department of Anaesthesiology

Chair, Post-Graduate Committe, Department of Anaesthesiology


Committees/Professional groups/Services

I am Deputy Head of Department,  Chair of the Depeartment Graduate Committee and Department Graduate Advisor.  As such I am the contact person in the department for research students interesting in studying with us.

I am an exectuve member of the Australasian Chronobiology Society http://australasianchronobiologysociety.org/

I am a member of the Royal Soceity of New Zealand and a member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

I advise on chronobiology and sleep related issues within New Zealand and overseas, most recently to the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) for their development of PS43 fatigue document and for the Royal Society of New Zealand in their "Blue Light Aoteoroa" document https://www.royalsociety.org.nz/major-issues-and-projects/blue-light-aotearoa/

I am actively engaged in public science communication with our research program recently being featured on the University's "Never Stop" campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf8vn1qHZlA

I am involved in the Maurice Wilkins Centre Secondary School Teachers Professional Development Days and LENS science.


Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

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