Ms Glenis Wong-Toi

BA, MA(Hons), PGDipAppPsych Auck.


Glenis completed a Master of Arts (Psychology) then a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (specialising in learning disabilities) at the University of Auckland. She has extensive experience providing academic development tuition to students with diverse learning abilities. Alongside Jackie Ede, Glenis co-ordinates the Learning Disabilities Programme. Her interests include assessment of specific learning difficulties, psychological factors that enhance academic outcomes for students with disabilities, the first-year experience, and postgraduate education. 


Provides a range of services to support and enhance the learning activities of students with disabilities. 
  • Screens and assesses for learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other invisible disabilities
  • Approves special conditions in tests and examinations
  • Offers individual consultations to develop academic and research skills 
  • Provides advice on managing disabilities within the academic context, including recommendations for assistive technology
  • Delivers Teaching for Inclusion and Disability Awareness workshops to academic and professional staff
  • Offers individual consultations to academic staff to enhance inclusive teaching practice and support individual students

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Henning, M. A., Krageloh, C. U., & Wong-Toi, G. (Eds.) (2015). Student motivation and quality of life in higher education. New York: Routledge. Pages: 234.
  • Manalo, E. (Ed.) (2010). Special Issue: Supporting University Students with Disabilities-Innovations, Strategies, and Practices that Achieve Results (Editorial) Bentham Open. 10.2174/1874943701003010001
  • Manalo, E., Ede, J., & Wong-Toi, G. (2010). Provision of Learning Support for University Students with Learning, Mental Health, and Other Forms of Hidden Disabilities. Open Rehabilitation Journal, 3, 23-33. 10.2174/1874943701003010023
    Other University of Auckland co-authors: Jackie Ede
  • Wong-Toi, G., & Ede, J. (2009). Surviving the sandstorm: Meeting the diverse needs of students with impairments. Paper presented at ATLAANZ Conference 2009, Massey University, Albany. 18 November - 20 November 2009. Shifting Sands -- Firm Foundations. Related URL.
  • Manalo, E., Wong-Toi, G., & Trafford, J. (2008). The business of writing (3rd). Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson Education. Pages: 175.

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