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Henry's main area of research is the chemical neuroanatomy of the normal human brain and the changes that occur in the brain in neurodegenerative diseases particularly in Huntington's disease, but also in Parkinson's disease, Motor Neuron disease and Alzheimer's disease.

I study the cell death and neurochemical changes that occur in the human brain in neurodegenerative disease with a major interest in the inhibitory neurotransmitter receptors GABAA GABAB and glycine receptors and their associated proteins. These neyrochemicals are studied at both the regional and cellular level with high resolution light and confocal laser scanning microscopy.  Tissue microarrays are also being developed.

Also animal models of Huntington's disease especially the transgenic sheep model have been developed in a large collaborative study to and our laboratory is studying the neuropathological changes in this sheep model in order to understand the mechanisms of cell death and to trial therapeutic strategies.

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