James Brock

MSc (Dist), BSc (Hons)

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Doctoral Candidate - Doctor of Philosophy

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Current areas of research include:


  1. Determining the biotic and abiotic characteristics of ecosystems that develop under pioneering stands of Cyathea medullaris and the likely successional trajectory of such stands.
  2. Determining the effect of differing abundances of Cyathea dealbata understory on abiotic conditions on the forest floor and on seedling regeneration, and thereby establish the filtering role of tree ferns within a mature forest structure.
  3. Identify the mechanisms by which a range of tree fern species exert their influence on the regeneration of forest canopy species through analysis of possible allelochemicals in their litter, and the effects of shading.
  4. Development of an individual-based model of forest dynamics that represents the presence and abundance of tree ferns to support the analysis of the long-term effect on forest community from varying densities of tree ferns.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Bruce Burns, Senior Lecturer in BBC, SBS, University of Auckland

Ass. Prof George Perry, SoE, University of Auckland

Dr Bill Lee, Landcare Research Lincoln


BSc (Hons) 2.1 Plant Biology; University of Wales, Bangor (2000)

MSc (Dist) Environmental Management; Coventry University (2005)

Areas of expertise

New Zealand tree fern ecology

British plant community ecology

Planning, development and the environment

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Full Member of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

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TAMAKI BUILDING 733 - Bldg 733
Level 3, Room 312
New Zealand

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