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Professor Cornish leads the Cell and Molecular Biology Bone/Joint Research Group in the Department of Medicine, the University of Auckland and is principal investigator of the Regenerative Medicine theme in the MedTech CoRE.

The team is investigating the actions of novel hormones and growth factors on the musculoskeletal system and we have in place a set of in vitro and in vivo models to make a comprehensive assessment of novel skeletal active factors.  The team also has expertise in evaluating scaffolds with and without growth factors for tissue engineering, particularly in bone regeneration and tendon repair and have established pre-clinical models to support this. 

The team is investigating the mechanism of action of a number of peptides and lipids that are anabolic to bone (i.e., encourage bone growth) and for which we hold international patents.  Considering that there exists a principal challenge in the treatment of osteoporosis to find factors that are anabolic to bone growth, the potential exists to explore lactoferrin in a therapeutic as well as nutriceutical role.  In addition, in the regenerative medicine area we are working with potential scaffolds to aid bone and tendon tissue repair locally in the body.

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  • Skeletal cell
  • Molecular biology
  • Orthopaedic research
  • Skeletal Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering

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